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STREAMD understands that patients take a leap of faith when they decide to have surgery

None of us look forward to surgery. But, being sidelined from our actives and families with pain and disability is no way to live. So we put our trust in others.

Surgery brings out all sorts of stress and emotion. We have fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. These will not paralyze us. We’re mighty, and our determination will allow us prevail.

STREAMD was built for us.

“I found STREAMD to be very encouraging, reassuring and informative. A very welcomed addition to the recovery process.” - STREAMD patient, December 2018

By bringing out our inner strength, we’re empowered to do MORE with our own recovery. STREAMD helps us focus on what matters. We can get our doctor’s treatment recommendations in the palm of our hand. We’re coached and encouraged to treat our pain with opioid alternatives, and on average, we use less narcotics than our peers who don’t have access to STREAMD. We can compare our recovery progress to personalized benchmarks and reflect on all OUR progress. We have instant access access to our doctor’s treatment recommendations. We’re not having to call the office, and we don’t have to aimlessly search the internet.

The reason we will be successful is the same reason we decided to have surgery, our inspiration. Family, mobility, and independence. This is why we’re doing it. We know recovery takes perseverance, physical effort and mindfulness. We will do this!


We ask each patient who participates in STREAMD to share their individual inspiration with us so that we may share it with others.

Patient Inspiration