Patient Inspiration

We asked patients to share their stories and their inspiration.

We hope you draw strength from them.

(9/29/19) I look forward to having a better left knee. I play with my grandkids and like to walk with them. I know this will happen little by little and with less pain soon.

(9/27/19) My inspiration is to be able to enjoy all my new grandchildren and the ones on the way. I need to be my best. I have not even hit my 60’s yet, so I have plenty of young years to run and play. I have no time for inadequate joints.
I’ll admit my recovery is not going as quickly as I had hoped but with hard work this will all be just a memory before I know it!

(9/23/19) My inspiration comes from my drive to get back to normal activities with church, family and work.

(9/17/19) There are several factors that are my motivation to do my part to make knee surgery successful. I understand that physical therapy is a very necessary process in making the surgery beneficial. I’m determined to focus on doing my part regarding physical therapy. If I don’t follow thru then the surgery will be for naught. My end goal is no pain and being able to play catch, shoot baskets or kick a soccer ball with my grandkids. Something I could not do prior to surgery.

(9/10/19) I’m inspired with the thought of being able to do things for myself and family that I haven’t been able to do in the last few years. I’m looking forward to getting back to work and playing more golf which has been limited. Also, I’m a very independent person and like to do things for myself. This may be my true inspiration.

(9/10/19) Need to be fully mobile for travel and participating in lives of family and grandchildren.

(9/8/19) What keeps me going with the post-operative therapy is the desire to have the ability to be on my feet for good lengths of time walking trails in the fall and spring, doing a bit of snowshoeing in the winter, and just being able to do normal cooking and cleaning activities without discomfort. I know I will get there since this is my second knee replacement, and I was able to reach my goals with the first knee. You have to keep in mind that some days are better than others but you just keep moving.

(9/6/19) It hasn't been easy, but I know that I need to make great gains now or I won't gain all of my mobility back. I have a cruise booked for the end of October, and that motivates me to work hard so I will be able to fully enjoy it, too.

(8/30/19) I want to walk normally has been a long time.

(8/26/19) Being able to enjoy life and being able to play with the grandkids.

(8/25/19) I am so glad I had my right knee replaced. I had the left one done three years ago. The right one was been giving me problems ever since I recovered from the last surgery.

My husband and I are retired and we travel a lot—and we take one or more cruises each year. Last year when we cruised from Australia to Vancouver, my right knee limited what I was able to do. We also visited Alaska last year, and the knee hampered some of my fun! This year we visited the Azores, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Norway and my walking, climbing, and dancing were limited by the pain my knee was giving me.

We have booked a return cruise to Hawaii for next March, and I know I will not have the pain and limitations I have had on other trips!
I should be able to have a great time sightseeing as well as dancing, walking, and doing more dancing!

Life is short—take good care of yourself and if you are able to travel and see the world, take advantage of that opportunity!

(8/16/19) My decision to have bilateral knee replacements and subsequent motivation to rehab was multiplied by a desire to take my life back. Very young grandchildren with active parents, a motivated husband, retirement, motorcycles, cars, wanting to be of community service, church volunteer, and not be the bystander any longer. To not only have good physical health but good mental health knowing I'm working accomplishing a goal for myself and family.

(8/15/19) No matter what stage your at in your recovery, I am not going to lie it is rough but I continuously think about the end outcome. My faith has been what had kept me strong and moving forward and dealing with the horrible pain that comes with this recovery. I keep picturing the end big picture of being back able to do the things I was able to do prior to the issues with my knee that caused me to have the surgery, and I know that the Lord and my continuous therapy will get me where I need to be!!! Good luck and God bless

(8/11/19) Before having my knee replacement surgery, all I wanted to do was play with my grandchildren without pain, so naturally, they were my motivating factors to replace my old knee. Now, with STREAMD, I am getting moral support, exercises, and my questions answered before I can ask them. Not only that, but I've never lost sight of my true reasons for this procedure. Several little kiddos are waiting to play with Mimi real soon!

(8/4/19) I try my best to recover as expected so that I can have a happy normal life again. For several years, the pain in my knees had progressively worsened to the point I was unable to enjoy everyday activities such as: shop other than online, visit some of my favorite places like the zoo, walk my dogs down the street, and prepare a holiday meal for my family. I’m looking forward to doing those things and to finally settle into the house I purchased three years ago.

(8/4/19) Loosing mobility and independence to knee osteoarthritis was a process of declining health. The decision to go all in with total joint surgery was a decision for life and health. The early days of recovery were quite painful at times, scary and a bit overwhelming. I would remind myself that this process of losing my mobility did not happen in a day and the process to regain mobility and stamina would take time as well. Trusting the excellent surgeon, experienced therapists, and the process I did my best to follow instructions and do what I was asked to do. I asked my PT questions which really helped. I tried to do the exercises I received via text and from the PT. I didn’t overdo. I iced and kept my knee elevated to reduce the swelling. Swelling is not our friend but is part of the recovery process. Week by week I could see my surgical leg becoming more stable than my “good leg”. By week 3/ 4 sleeping was much more comfortable and my need for OTC pain meds was decreasing. I have to remind myself that time takes time and so does getting active again; this is a marathon not a sprint. I need to trust that taking care of my recovery each day will give me back the life and mobility taken by arthritis. I am grateful for the progress each day and accept that some days are better than others. Cumulative compliance with my rehab plan will yield progress in my recovery. Every day I need to choose to be more active, to continue to regain my health and mobility. I make a positive effort as best I am able each day. Today I feel such gratitude!!

(8/2/19) Three things immediately come to my mind:
1. My physical therapist have been so encouraging and telling me that we are OK and that we’ve got this covered even though I have had excessive swelling in my leg.
2. The text messages have been so reassuring and encouraging as to what to expect and where to go the next day or even the current day.
3. You can’t quit now, you’ve gone too far, and other people have survived it and do great and so can I!

(8/2/19) I had my full knee replacement 3 weeks ago. Wow, it has been an interesting journey for sure. Every day I am encouraged by biggest cheerleader and fan which is my husband. I’m so grateful for him, family, and friends. As well I need to give a big “shout out” to my amazing, phenomenal team of physical therapist who are right by my side every step of the way. They have been so supportive, motivating and encouraging to me. They push me, in a good way, to exceed beyond my limits. What inspires me the most is that when I will have my full range of motion back without pain, I can get back to all the things I love to do like walking, exercising, and serving others.
I am a teacher too! I love movement and incorporate it daily into my classroom environment. If my kindergarten students are dancing, I wanna dance, if they’re skipping down the hall, I wanna skip too. Oh and if it’s recess, I wanna run & jump around too. I’m 50 years old and an want to continue to be an active participant in all I do.
I’m inspired to get back to 100% so I can do all these things and more.

(7/23/19) I decided to go through with knee replacement surgery because I want my life back. I want to walk and enjoy activities. I want to get rid of the pain and am looking forward to an improved quality of life.

(7/22/19) I am very motivated due to the fact that we are going to Greece in September. At four weeks my knee is much better than it was before the surgery so I plan to be OK! My PT’s have been great! I am also a golfer and I’m looking forward to getting back to that! The downside is I have to have the other one done when I get home from Greece! If it goes as smoothly as this one I should be good to go when I head back to Florida in January!

(7/20/19) I want to play tennis and paddle tennis 4-5 times a week and walk miles most every day and do full workout at gym 3 times a week!

(7/20/19) I am thankful for an excellent and caring surgeon and his staff, for my knowledgeable and encouraging PT and my super supportive family.

(7/13/19) Knowing I will be able to walk and hike I am very compliant in doing my post op therapy!

(7/9/19) I am inspired by my two grandsons. I want to enjoy long walks and silly games. I want to visit Italy and France. I want to walk pain free, go up and down stairs, and not be limited because I cannot walk for extended lengths of time. I have a fabulous therapist who encourages me every step of the way. My doctor did an amazing job, now I have to finish his work. I did it in December and I am doing it again.

(7/7/19) Getting back to a full workout, playing golf and playing with my grandsons!

(7/6/19) Walk two miles with my husband. I want to travel and explore. My grandchildren and great grandchildren are an inspiration to GET HEALTHY AND STURDY AGAIN!

(6/30/19) What inspires me is all of the help I have received from my husband and the support from my friends.

(6/30/19) I am looking forward to playing golf again and being able to walk anywhere I want without looking for a bench to sit on.

(6/24/19) My motivation to work hard to heal after my knee replacement surgery is the future:

1- no pain so I can go about my active daily routine

2- being able to be available for my family, i.e., enjoying future grandchildren (possibly in the next 2-3 years) and family gatherings

3- exercising without pain

4- planning a possible relocation out of the state after soon-to-be retirement and being able to travel without restrictions

5- dance!

6- watching my weight - take care of your new knee(s) by reaching a healthy weight so you can enjoy many more years doing what you like.

Yes, surgery preparation can be inconvenient and the healing process tedious, but many people I know who have had knee replacement tell me they regret not having it sooner so they could have a better quality of life.

(6/22/19) I am inspired to get moving with this new knee because there are so many things I want to do in this lifetime yet. I want to be able to keep up with my grandchildren and spend time with family and friends enjoying visiting many places right here in Wisconsin!!

(6/15/19) I’m about to retire and being more mobile and without pain is huge for me. I want to travel, including a cross Canada trip (Maine to Alaska), and know I’ll be able to enjoy hiking again!

(6/11/19) I am a 56-year-old woman. I was born with minor hip dysplasia that went undetected until my early adulthood. As I got older, it started to affect my quality of life and continued to get worse until I just couldn’t take the pain anymore. This is why I decided to have total hip replacement surgery.

What inspires me to keep working hard after surgery, is to be able to enjoy all the activities I once enjoyed that I haven’t been able to do without limping and terrible pain for many years. My husband and I were once very active together. We enjoyed biking, hiking, dancing, and many other fun activities. We also love to travel. I look forward to those long hikes through the wilderness again, to see mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, and all the beauty that nature has to offer.

Besides all this, one of my greatest inspirations is my one-year old granddaughter. Knowing that I will be able to play with, and spend quality, pain free, time with her, gives me hope and pleasure!

My husband has been a big part of my recovery. He is always full of encouragement and doing his best anyway he can to help me get through the pain and become stronger each day.

My surgery went so well, that I never had to use any narcotics for pain. Rest, ice, Tylenol, physical therapy, and love from family and friends, is what helped me make it through to this point.
Now, less than 2 weeks into recovery, I am currently sitting on my deck, enjoying the fresh air, typing this letter of encouragement.

I am so thankful that I finally decided to get hip replacement surgery. I know that it was one of the best decisions towards improving my quality of life and to be able to live life to it’s fullest again in the future. I look forward to hiking, biking, dancing with my husband, and playing with my granddaughter very soon!

(6/4/19) I'm determined to get back on my feet sooner than later I am involved with my church and our Greek festival is July 19-21. I plan on being there to work the loukamathes booth so if your up to it come and support our church.

(6/4/19) There is a single overriding inspiration motivating me in my recovery from right hip replacement surgery: I want to walk normally and painlessly again. The pain in my hip in the last few months prior to surgery was so acute and debilitating that not just my walking but all aspects of my life were degraded. The pain of surgery and the pain of recovery exercises pale in comparison and along with the satisfaction of daily improvement provides all the inspiration needed to endure.

(6/2/19) The daily reminders have been reassuring that I am staying within safe parameters; while encouraging me to continue to move forward. 11 days postop and never one narcotic used!!! Ice ice baby! Move move to you groove! Those are my mottos! And of course there’s my fabulous wife who has coined my mottos & is ever beckoning me to chase her! To get back to hiking the sand dunes of the Great Lakes will be my ultimate reward

(5/27/19) What inspired me to keep going is my husband. He works so hard off the farm then comes home to help me. If I don’t keep fighting to improve myself he will keep working to hard. Plus I’m still young enough to enjoy life and my grandchildren.

(5/12/19) I work hard in rehab because I was brought up with the adage “you get what you work for”. If I don’t heal myself, I will forever regret not being able to take long walks with my wife, play with my grandchildren or travel to bucket list destinations. My last partial knee replacement rehab had me back to firefighting in less than 7 weeks. My L-2 burst fracture in 2010 with rod fusion from T-12 to S-1 had me back to the fire department front lines in 5 months due to very hard work and determination in my rehab.

(5/19/19) Working hard to dance with my son in heels on his wedding day May 31!

(5/14/19) I’m in my late 40’s with an 8 year old daughter. We both train Jiu-Jitsu and she is my inspiration! I want to be able to train along side her as she grows into the sport. I personally want to continue to grow, train and compete in an effort to continue to inspire my daughter, and show her that we can overcome anything if we set our mind to it. Having a total knee replacement was a difficult decision, but a necessary one for myself and my family. My daughter has been an important participant in my recovery, she encourages, helps me, and most importantly, she hugs me when she sees me struggling and in pain. This experience has brought me closer to my daughter in a way I never imagined...  It’s a long road, but we will get there together!!!

(5/7/19) I can’t do anything about getting older, but I never want to grow old!

(5/6/19) What inspires me to keep up the hard work is knowing that I will be able to do at least a five mile walk for charity before the end of the year.  I also want to get back to doing water aerobics. Due to the constant knee pain for the past year, I could barely walk a block without stopping or even do water exercise. I now see the light at the end of the tunnel and cannot wait to be able to do some of my favorite things.

(5/6/19) I just want to get to 100% so I can have a normal life

(5/5/29) I had total knee replacement almost two weeks ago.
Initially, the exercises were difficult and painful.  I found though, that after a few days, I was able to straighten and bend my knee more and more.
I followed the regimen laid out by the physical therapist and faithfully did my exercises three times a day and made sure I took time to ice 3-4 times throughout the day.
I cannot believe that I now rarely take a pain medication. I’m able to walk around the house with my cane and my knee exercises cause me  little pain.
I know it will take some before I can go for a bike ride or take a dance class, but I feel stronger and have more energy every day.
I was so nervous to have knee replacement surgery and was so hesitant to have it done. I now think it was a good decision and am well on my way to a more active, stronger ME!

(4/29/19) What really keeps me going is the need to do my right knee also. Even though I am only 11 days post surgery I cannot believe this significant difference/decrease in pain in my left knee. There is still a slight soreness but that is only because of the recuperation and the exercising that we are doing of that knee we are making it as healthy as possible so I can start the next knee as soon as possible. P. T. is Great.

(4/28/19) I have many inspirations for recovery.  Talking to friends I knew ahead of surgery helped me prepare physically and mentally for the path ahead.   The encouragement of those that were by my side post surgery and their concern helped me get through those first difficult days!!  From then forward, it was the therapists who would never let up( great at their job), the texts that made me feel not so alone, my children, and last but not least, future plans which include a very workable knee!!!  I want to walk, travel, hike, and live life to it’s fullest!   Can’t let a knee get in my way! God bless and good will on your can do it!!!!

(4/28/19) What inspires me to work hard at my rehab is knowing my quality of life depends on it. I want to run through sprinklers with my grandkids, hike the great Smokey mountains and be able to do anything I want to do. I think it will be well worth it in the end.

(4/28/19) I am inspired to make up the things that I have missed. I lost a lot of time doing things I loved; plus, every day things. I might even push it a little bit, because I want my recovery to come faster.

(4/19/19) The best thing thus far on day 11 post knee replacement, is my back doesn’t hurt. Have had four back surgeries - three being increasing fusions. I never had a day without pain.  Knowing that the discomfort I have now with the knee replacement, and the one yet to be scheduled, will eventually be a thing of the past I can look forward to pain free back days.

(4/14/19) What inspired me is getting well and being active for the coming summer.  For the past 3 years the arthritis in my hips has kept me sidelined.  Now with my 2nd hip replacement completed I will be ready for a summer camping, boating and just being able to play with my grandsons.  I am telling myself "one foot in front of the other, day at a time." 

(4/6/19) My wife is my inspiration 
I want to take her to a concert and need to push myself to be ready 

(4/4/19)What keeps me inspired and motivated is just my drive to get back to normal the quickest way possible.

Pre-surgery, I told Dr. * and his staff that I only planned on being down one week and would then be back at work.....even if part-time or every other day.  They had doubts, I'm sure, but also said it wasn't impossible......since I am a school secretary, am sitting most of the day and only have a 5 hour work day.  I would say my sheer will, an excellent surgeon, the * team and, of course, the grace of God made my goals possible.

I had my surgery on a Thursday morning and had to stay the night, per my insurance.  Although I was to have 2 sessions of PT before being released, I was released after just 1 session since I did so well.....even walking up and down stairs one over the other vs. one at a time.

I saw my home nurse and therapist that weekend and they were amazed at how well I was doing.  I was even able to attend church that Sunday morning (yes, 3 days after surgery) and sing with my Praise Team choir.  I did sit a little more than usual, but over all did great.

I was off for my school's spring break so was able to have my home nurse and therapist over throughout the week and was able to keep to my normal evening schedule with the help of my angel drivers.  I did stay on the meds prescribed to me and iced as needed.  My home nurse and therapists agreed I was doing great, and since I was planning on going back to work that next Monday, they released me at the end of that week.

Come Monday, 11 days after surgery, I did indeed go back to work (for my full 5 hrs) and it felt GREAT!  

I am doing all I said I would do, while still adhering to the post-op protocols, and I don't even have my staples out!  Hopefully that will happen today, however, when I go for my 1st post-op follow up visit.  Anything can happen, if you want it bad enough!

I am truly BLESSED!

(4/1/19) I get inspired daily to work hard so that I can return to my active lifestyle better than ever! I taught spin 3 x per week before having my left hip replaced almost 2 weeks ago. I get inspiration from my spin crew that has been reaching out daily to tell me they are thinking of me and can’t wait for my return! I get motivation and inspiration from the STREAMD texts daily with what to expect and reminders for my exercises! I get inspiration from it 5 boys and my hubby telling me they are proud of the hard work I’m doing during my recovery ! I get inspiration from my physical therapist who is always telling me I’m doing a great job with my exercises and she sees my progress! And I get inspired by all of my friends checking in to see what I need to help me through this recovery ! I’m definitely seeing improvements and pain is dissipating everyday !

(4/1/19) I have enjoyed the exchanges with my, “little bot”. Sometimes, it makes me laugh. At others,  it catches me when I’m feeling under the recovery curve. This is a wonderfully, clever way to reassure that, yes, I am doing all the right things and on the road to recovery.

(3/30/19) I’ve been really working hard on my knee replacement. I had home health care and I had a wonderful home therapist. I’ve had two spinal surgeries when I was 34. I had two babies ages 2 and 6. People always ask me how do I do it. The world of positive thinking and God only test the strong. 

(3/30/19) The daily text messages from all of you keeps me inspired, along with my wife.  She makes sure that I do my daily exercise and keeps my knee iced hourly.  Also knowing I want to be on the golf course by the middle of May!  

(3/25/19) By profession, I am an athletic coach; to preform my duties, I need full mobility. I am looking forward to being able to execute my duties as required. I am also an avid outdoorsman ( hunting, fishing, golf and boating) and I want to do these without pain. I am working overtime daily.

(3/25/19) To know that I can be pain free while enjoying my “normal” activities at almost 78 including weedeating, horseback riding and taking care of our 4 horses and farm, hiking, and walking the dogs ! 

(3/22/19) Just to be able to not feel any pain. Just to get back to work and feel better. 

(3/19/19) My little girls and my wife inspire me.  I needed this knee replacement pretty early in life but I needed to become an active father with my kids.  Now I’ll have a chance to take them on walks, fly kites, kick around soccer balls and a chance to walk them down the many years!  My wife throughout my entire ordeal has been selfless and so supportive she’s getting a vacation when I’m 100%!  My support network has been amazing and I am truly blessed to be so loved.  Thank you for my new knee and my new life, Dr.*!

(3/16/19) I’m inspired to work hard because I knew going into surgery I would have to do my exercises to regain my mobility. I wake up many mornings thinking “today I’ll take it easy and not do as much exercise “ then I have to remind myself ice is nice weight is great and motion IS lotion. You can do it one day at a time.

(3/3/19) I stay focused and keep my eye on the prize each and every day. Exercising with a therapist is not a ball of fun but in order to get better I had to remind myself  that I had to ride in a wheelchair for my oldest daughters college graduation.  I will not be doing that again for my second daughters college graduation which, is in May of 2019.  I keep telling myself that I will be walking proudly through those stadium doors, with confetti, horns and whistles.  Just to be able to gain a range of motion is a win in itself, this lets me know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel just waiting on me to get there!!

(2/28/19) I am thankful it is going so well, but I work out with daily with exercises approved by my physical therapist. My complete inspiration is April 25th, just 3 months after the hip replacement. That is the day I will fly to Las Vegas for a 4 day golf trip. That is all I think about while working out!

(2/25/19) I am inspired by my physical therapists who pushed me in good ways and encouraged me in others.  They want to make me better quicker.

(2/22/19) Constant text messages from doctor’s office, instructions and exercise video clips are very helpful and motivates me to do home exercise regularly.  Also, my family helping me to do exercise and checking to see I do follow proper techniques are helpful. 

(2/20/19) I am eager to get back to normal life and be able to totally care for myself. 
Physical Therapy can be painful but usually increases my range of motion and helps me walk better. I want to get back to riding my horses this Spring. So I am doing my exercises as prescribed and taking the medicine regularly. My incision is healing very well. I am grateful for all the skilled people who made this surgery and my progress possible. Thank You! 

(2/19/19) Getting feedback on the level of improvement and flexibility. Knowing there is improvement that can be measured and observed. Often I (the patient) can discern it from our perspective.

(2/17/19) Having had both of my knees replaced (with great success), I know the critical importance of doing the post-op exercises.  I know several people (both hip and knee recipients) who were casual about the rehab, and none fared as well as they hoped. I would also stress the critical importance of going to a qualified physical therapist.  Mine is a rock star, and she’s been a major piece of the recovery puzzle. Great doctor, great therapist, do the exercises.  That’s the formula for success in my experience.

(2/11/19) My knee surgery was 1/31 & today is 2/11. Used walker couple days & walking stick when going to Therapy. Not using it now.  I feel steady, not dizzy 3 days after surgery.  People around me say I’m doing really well.  That helps. It gives me more courage.  I personally don’t have anything in my experience in life to compare recovery to.   I read all the text notes from Dr *’s office. That’s helps a lot, Physical Therapy is great.  Therapist each one helps in different ways. They can tell you each time where I’m at with my progress. Actually I’m surprised at my progress.  But don’t want to think I’m healed.  Get over confident & hurt my new knee & set everything back.  

(2/10/19) I want to get back to enjoying life free of pain.I can't wait to go vacation and walk around free of the knee pain. 

(2/9/19) I find that I stay motivated by remembering what life was like before.  My husband and I like to travel, we have 6 grandchildren, and I am an educator. I need my mobility back to maintain the lifestyle I was had.

(2/9/19) What keeps me inspired? I am looking forward to camping with our 3 grandchildren & being able to hike & bike this summer. Every time they increase my activities or add new exercises in therapy, I know I am progressing toward these goals. With the weather being cold & snowy, even though I’m not outside, I try to just keep moving. After only 1 1/2 weeks of therapy, I am already able to just use a cane. However, when I’m tired, I do rest to help the healing process & ice. Looking forward to spring & summer activities is the greatest motivator of all. 

(2/8/19) I am inspired by the memories of hiking as far as I wanted,  riding my  bicycle and feeling the breeze through my hair while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Smoky Mountains. I want to be able to do all the normal activities like stairs and squatting down to pick up something that has fallen without pain. Also I also want to be able to plan things such as a trip and not wonder if I am going to be able to go or not because of my knees. The main inspiration is not being LIMITED like I have been for several years.

(2/4/19) I'm working really hard in PT with flexion and extension of my knee. I had such bad arthritis I really do not my flexion for sure was any where near 120 degrees. Very painful, but getting better. Very encouraged by the daily texts of encouragement and supportive words.
I have been a nurse for a long time, but this program for patients is great

(2/2/19) My family’s hard work and encouragement keeps me inspired. 
My prayer is that the pain I experienced prior to my knee replacement is minimized and my quality of life improves.  So far, so good!

(2/1/19) -50 degree wind chill temperatures are more than enough to inspire me to get well soon as we bought a new home in Phoenix that will be ready to move into this fall. 
Apparently good pre surgery prep & exercises with a great surgical team and along with PT afterwards leads to success. I was walking without pain in 9 - 10 days.

(1/22/19) This is my second hip replacement and I was so much more prepared! Keep moving and do your therapy multiple times a day! Rest is important as well! Another thing I learned from my 1st one, age 52, don't over do to the point of being so sore you don't want to move!

I'm 56 and a grandmother, waiting on my 2nd granddaughters arrival in July. I'm so excited about the freedom of movement coming!! Not having to turn down trips, concerts, etc because I couldn't walk far/long enough!! Can't wait to take my grandprincess to the zoo!!!

(1/17/19) My inspiration is most definitely My Children and Grandchildren. All the Love and Support from them motivates me to work harder and think positive. Another motivating factor for me is the daily messages from Dr *. Those messages gave me something to look forward to, and also kept me thinking  positive. With all the encouraging and informative messages I felt the need to push harder and not let anyone down. Which in turn, I was helping myself!

(1/16/19) Mainly, I am motivated to do the hard work despite the pain because I do not want to regress and the alternative of not being able to use the knee or end up back in the hospital is worse than the hard work. I also really liked my Physical Therapist, which helped keep me motivated. 

(1/9/19) I think everyone realizes that the post op therapy would be challenging and important to the success of the surgery. I have been inspired to work hard by my family and friends. Their calls, cards and good wishes keep me motivated. My wife has been amazing. The nurses and my in-home therapist have been very very supportive.
I am determined to move through life pain free and get back to my pre-surgery routine. The texts from Dr. * have also been inspirational.

(1/9/19) I’ve been very encouraged because I want my active pain free life back.  The texts I’ve gotten have all come at opportune times when u had questions.  Very timely encouraging messages.  

(1/8/19) I am a retired 74-year-old professional and waited a year and a half to have knee replacement. I am a strong woman, very independent, and I understand that lessons and blessings come from the same place. You can always learn from what you struggle with. I have had a great doctor and I am two weeks out from surgery. I am going home today and starting outpatient therapy tomorrow. My plan is to do continual home therapy on my own on my days off from outpatient therapy. My strength lies in hope, encouraging others, and the Lord. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll!

(1/7/19) I’m 10 days post my new knee, 0 extension and 85 flexion which is crazy considering I’ve had major reconstructions on this knee and my patella was in a different time zone. What drives me is regain the last 30 years my knee hasn’t functioned. I’m single without children or family, so my post op journey has been challenging home alone, but I’m not alone because of my Dr’s amazing team, STREAMD, friends who stop by every few days and of course my therapist. My knee hasn’t been 0 or 85 in over 30 years

(1/6/19) I'm inspired to work hard after my surgery because I want to participate in activities that I have not been able to do for over 20-years. One of these activities is a triathlon with my wife where couples team up to do the event's. In the past I was a spectator and watched my wife do all three event's. When I'm ready to go, I will participate by doing the swim and biking events. This is my motivation to keep pushing forward.

(1/1/19) I'm inspired to work hard after my surgery because I want to participate in activities that I have not been able to do for over 20-years. One of these activities is a triathlon with my wife where couples team up to do the events. In the past I was a spectator and watched my wife do all three events. When I'm ready to go, I will participate by doing the swim and biking events. This is my motivation to keep pushing forward.

(12/21/18) I am inspired to work hard in my therapy sessions because I want to be able to keep up with my grandson. He will be two in February. This past summer I could not even take him for a walk to the park. I am already looking forward to having my second knee replaced. 

(12/20/18) Six weeks since surgery and I measure 0 with some help.  Need to get there without help within the next couple weeks.I can finally see the light!  Swelling is down, walking and sleeping much better.  Weeks 3-5 were the worst but you need to push through.  At the time it seems you will never feel better but things really start to improve week 6. It seems much longer than 6 weeks at the time but continue to focus and have positive thoughts.  You will get better!

(12/19/18) What inspires me to work hard after my hip surgery is wanting to swim again and be in the February 1 Chicago Park District adult swim meet. I want to get back to my normal activity. But I like my husband taking care of me for these days. He’s very good

(12/12/18) So, what does inspire me to work hard after surgery? First, I keep in mind who in the world will benefit from the work. Guess who? You and you alone are the only one who can effectively work your new joint and reap the benefits of your hard work. You are doing this to improve the quality of life for you and your family. By doing the exercises at home and working hard at physical therapy, you will probably hurt at first and slowly realize you are starting to hurt less while enjoying a small improvement in strength and range of motion. And, yes, I do know what I am talking about. I had a knee replaced almost 2 years ago and a hip replaced a little over a week ago. I must admit that it does help to be stubborn (please do not tell my wife that I admitted to being stubborn). Suck it up and work hard from day one. You will get better. It will get easier, but not if you sit around and complain of pain and discomfort. Work hard. Be proud of yourself. Get well soon! Best of luck!

(12/12/18) Measuring every little bit of progress in getting to 0 degrees extension and 120 flexion. Measuring improvements keeps me encouraged to keep working hard at Rehab

(12/10/18) Knowing that Christmas is just around the corner and I’m the patriarch keeps me pushing through the pain

(12/7/18) I waited a long time to decide to have this done and was in a lot of pain. Now I don't want to fail and it is a lot of hard work.

(12/3/18) I have a deep desire to maintain a good quality of life as I grow old. I want to be able to take a long walk with my wife, hike with me kids, and get on the floor and play with my grandchildren. So I guess my family inspires me to work diligently in my recovery from hip replacement surgery. Good health is a blessing that must not be taken for granted.

(12/2/18) It began with the thought I needed to remember that I lost two summers of fly fishing with my son I didn’t want that to happen again so I put my mind to working every day that I wasn’t in therapy  Your videos and your weekly verbal encouragement added to my desire to finish the job I’m way ahead of schedule thanks guys

(11/30/18) I went into surgery with significant impingement.  My main goal is to be able to straighten this knee and walk,  and run,  normally again. On November 28 (9 days after surgery) I am proud to report that my knee is one degree shy of straight and my flexion is at 71 degrees.  I am very pleased with the results thus far because according to the pre op literature,  a patient should reach zero with 90 degree flexion by week 3. My PT is doing a fabulous job in helping me achieve my ROM goals.

(11/25/18) What inspires me to work hard after surgery is visualizing myself hiking trails, teaching my outdoor classes for adults,  playing on the floor with my six little grandchildren, and kayaking the rivers of Illinois with less pain, as a result of the work I'm doing now. Each leg lift, each knee press, each knee slide (ouch!) will move me closer toward recovering my knee function and enjoying active life as I did only a few years ago. When I get discouraged, the encouragement of my husband, friends, and family are an ongoing support.  

(11/22/18) I was thinking about what is inspiring me to continue to work hard on getting my knee back in shape.  Well first, the stiffness gets better with exercise.  I have noticed if I work at bending my knee for about 15 times before I get up, it helps when I get out of bed and ready to walk.  Another thing, in physical therapy, when they stretch your leg and push you to get that extra little measurement back to normal, it makes me feel accomplished and happy I am making progress.  I think PT is one of the most important parts of getting better.  If you continue to walk, exercise, and work out those little aches and pains, it will pay off in the end.  
The other day, I set my iphone alarm to ring every hour, so I could walk around the room so I would not get stiff.  I am a crafter, so I sit at my desk making Christmas/Greeting cards, and other things, and if I get up and walk around, it sure helps with not getting stiff.  If I didn't set my alarm, I would sit too long. I am happy to have gotten my knee done, and am looking forward to when I get the other one done.  Grateful to God for good surgeons and good therapy.  They go hand in hand.  Never stop exercising that leg!

(11/21/18) I was against first to get a knee replacement but I was inspire that my doctor told be that you have to make that jump. Now I'm happy with the results my knee is better and I had wonderful therapist that gave me courage and no I could make it I did it I feel so proud of myself did all the exercise plus I'm still doing the exercise by myself to do better

(11/19/18) I keep working hard after surgery because I love to dance & ski.  Also since I have used a walker & cane for awhile, I have found that the world is full of kind & thoughtful people of all ages, races & nationalities. I look forward to being able to pay this kindness forward. 

(11/17/18) I am a very active 39-year-old stay at home mom that was devastated to find out I had such a bad hip so early in life. I’m almost 2 weeks post op. I knew it was time for me to plan the replacement when I almost broke down in tears when my hip locked out within seconds of trying to pass a soccer ball with my 5-year/old daughter and 7-year-old son in the backyard. And there are so many stories to tell just like that one involving my kids. Activities that I enjoyed with my husband and in life we’re being completely altered because of the hip. I love working out and I’m happy to say I continued to work out but my workouts were not the same to say the least( and mostly upper body). So with that.....My motivation is to get my hip in the absolute best possible shape so I can go back to playing with my kids like I used to! Play golf with my husband like normal amongst other activities that were hindered! Work out like I want and hopefully go back to trying classes once again! Go to an amusement park and ride a roller coaster ride without thinking twice. Walk my dog without being worried! And little things like, get in and out of the car or in out of bed with ease! Really, to get the quality of my life back! My husbands encouraging words pre and post. My physical therapist is awesome. The daily texts help encourage and motivate. All of the staff and Dr. we’re comforting and encouraging pre and post;) and  I am amazed with all of it. Almost walking crutch free and can’t to drive again, hopefully in a couple days! 

(11/7/18) Before my operation I noticed I was slowly losing use of my knees in the activities I loved doing.  I loved yoga , I loved going for long walks I had to give that up, I loved bowling I slowly had to give it up then it finally started to interfere with my golf game. I was gaining a lot of weight because I was becoming an active. I used to play a ton of tennis that really worked off a lot of weight, now I was just getting fat. The last straw was when it started to affect my golf game. Inspiration is getting back to what I call normal. I want my weight to go down and I want to start enjoying all the sports that I used to love to do. Old is not a number it’s when you stop moving. I want to feel like I used to feel. I know I’m not getting any younger and I’ll never feel like I did when I was young but I certainly can try to help myself stay active. Rehabbing is the only way I’m going to start reclaiming my life back again, that is my inspiration.

(11/5/18) Because I want to get my life back. This surgery has knocked me on my butt and has taken a lot out of me. 
I worry about getting back to work, getting back to do things with my hubby and just be normal. 
Also, I work hard to try to get the pain, stiffness and swelling to ease. I never have been without these symptoms since the day of surgery. I’m hoping it gets better soon.

(11/4/18) Pair that old-fashioned saying with a more contemporary version, “You are either green and growing, or ripe and rotting.” Action is the key. Life is meant to be lived in motion. Pat yourself on the back each time you complete a session of PT, knowing that each bit of energy you expend today will be replaced by more energy tomorrow. Keep moving!

(10/30/18) Hi: I am 11 days out of surgery and working on rehab. Some of the bending and pushing is painful but I am getting there and ahead of plan (at least my therapist says so). Good luck  everybody. 

(10/20/18) The entire surgery experience exceeded my expectations; the communications throughout the process and availability of staff eliminated questions and anxiety; the lack of any pain and instant mobility encouraged my focus on physical therapy and completing recovery. It has been incredible to be pain free and return to normal activities with the family and work. I expected pain and limitations that never happened. That was very encouraging and motivational. I could focus on my work of strengthening the knee and quad areas. The text messages and written instructions provided the work plan and guidance to get to normal movements and involvement. All family members are surprised by the recovery and getting to normal activities— particularly the dog. 

(10/17/18) After studying potential solutions to my knee problems for many months, I made the decision to proceed with the surgical replacement solution. Dr * and his staff were instrumental in helping me make the decision. Now I am two days short of two weeks after surgery. I am working to improve knee flexibility and range of motion with help from my home therapist and pain control medications. My goal is to get back to my regular exercise programs and daily life pain-free and to (almost) forget I have an artificial knee joint. I appreciate all the support from Dr * and his team, including the frequent text messages that inform and encourage me. 

(10/16/18) What keeps me working hard and pushing myself is seeing the progress I'm making in, admittedly,  baby steps. It's been not even two weeks, but every day is part of my dedicated journey to full recovery, and I know that day will happen. PT is hard work (and, yes, it really hurts), but by sticking to the program and doing those exercises at home, I'm sure that I'm headed to where I want to be. Dr. *'s text messages are so inspiring and most often very on topic and timely, AND they make me smile.  I won't give up on myself. Just remain patient and positive and good things will happen. 

(10/12/18) I am inspired post surgery of her much better my life will be and how all the hard work in therapy will pay off. It may be tough, really tough, but will pay off in the long run!

(10/5/18) My inspiration came from my Physical therapist!!!!!  She was the greatest motivator!!!

(9/30/18) I spent the last two years not doing the things I love. It was finally time to take the step to improve my life. I have a four year old granddaughter is daughter that wants to play, flowers to tend , a husband to enjoy and a horse waiting. I am pushing through physical therapy even when it's uncomfortable. I am only a week and a half out from surgery. My therapist says I am well into the three week mark. I will continue to drive through the pain of recovery to reach my end goals.

(9/30/18) I'm a female musician -- limping and pained expressions don't help a performance! Here I am 12 days after anterior total hip replacement, getting ready to play a prestigious gig. Sure I still have to use a cane but my life is back on track! Doing the exercises, following directions of the doctor and rehab staff is a small price for getting to live life to its fullest. I am so happy with my new hip!

(9/30/18) Waking up with a new hip after years of decline, that awful pain gone, just weeks away from a freer life. That inspires me to follow instructions and work hard to get better. Dr. *’s  daily emails full of good advice and cheerful encouragement are a constant motivator. It feels like a friend cares how I'm doing. 
Plus the physical therapists  are great motivators! It's fun to show them improvement; they make it challenging in a non threatening way, like more friends cheering me on. It's been a positive experience on top of being a life enhancing miracle. The exercises are easy, icing is restful and feels good. It's a matter of weeks to be back to better than ever before! 

(9/30/18) I find inspiration in my physical therapy goals. As I perform my routine I can feel myself getting stronger each day.

(9/27/18) As a 68 year old fairly active male I wish work hard at physical therapy to continue physical activities with no or the minimal amount of pain. It will allow me to prepare and optimize recovery for my upcoming right knee surgery. Also to enjoy hobbies, biking, skiing & exercising regularly but most of all playing with my 9 to 13 year old grandchildren.

(9/25/18) I work hard because I want to walk pain free.  I love to dance and when this recovery is over, hope to be able to dance with out any worries of how my knee will feel the next day.   After this is all over for you, I HOPE YOU’LL DANCE!

(9/21/18) I continue to work hard because I want the best possible outcome as a result of this surgery. I am a very active person. It has not been possible to live my life to the fullest. Most importantly, "The Team" and Dr. *’s approach in keeping me informed, answering questions before I ask and the continued positive messages that motivate is so very helpful. Finally, the pain management schedule has enabled me to keep pushing forward while being able to ignore some of the discomfort.

(9/9/18) I’m working hard so that I’ll be able to play golf 6 weeks after surgery. I WILL make it happen!

(9/8/18) On Aug. 27, 2018, after much trepidation, I had a complete left knee replacement.  It was recommended that I complete some important exercises before the surgery and I did them months before.  I also made sure I set up the text from Dr. *’s Office.  What an awesome blessing.  Receiving important information concerning my surgery, and encouraging words was a definite motivator.  What an awesome idea!!  
More importantly my biggest motivators were my FAMILY.  My husband was there for me every step of the way, and every time I wanted to give up, he would say something magical that made me work even harder.  Using my grandchildren’s faces as my focus, brought a smile (as I cringed with pain), to my face and reminded me that it was them that I wanted to be able to play with and enjoy.  This made me work harder every day with good and amazing progress.  This was a tough one, but the results and possibilities for a great recovery are a blessing.  Thanks everyone!👍

(9/3/18) I am committed to following PT completely in order to achieve maximum motion and be able to walk enough to lose weight and be healthy. The team has been so supportive and been available to answer questions.

(9/1/18) I am committed to following PT completely in order to achieve maximum motion and be able to walk enough to lose weight and be healthy. The team has been so supportive and been available to answer questions.

(9/1/18) I am inspired to work past the surgical pain to be pain free with movement.  I am 2days away from being 3 weeks post-op from a left total knee replacement and all my friends are amazed I am able to walk! 
I attribute this success to many people working together, communicating effectively and keeping the focus and attention on the patient.  First, hats off to the work of my talented surgeon, Dr. Nam and his entire team at his office and at Great Lakes Surgical center.  He and his entire staff have been helpful and have thought of every detail to help me along the way and have remained focus on meet ing my every need from appointment scheduling, to insurance needs as well as answering any care question of mine. 
Second, The home care which I have received from Newsome Home Care has been top notch. Dr. *'s office set all of that up so that me, the patient did not have to worry about anything when I got home. I received calls from both my RN and my physical therapist and they were at my home to take care of me the next day.  They explained everything that they would be doing and that they needed me to do.  My physical therapist, Barb was very thorough and explained all the exercises and why they were important for me to do and gave me just enough push and encouragement to continue to improve.  
And then last but not least, one must give the patient kudos for continually working on stretching and exercises to gain movement.  I have seen improvement every day which inspires me to keep going. I would also say that part of the success has to do with the pain control, which has to do with communication between myself and Dr. *'s PA.  
So that is a long winded explanation but I know I will continue to improve and I can’t wait to be pain-free and able to move without pain.

(8/25/18) I am normally very active.  I wanted to get back to that life style as quickly as possible.   Following your doctor's and therapist's advice is the best way to make that happen!

(8/24/18) I work hard at PT since my hip replacement so I can hike, bike, ballroom dance, walk without pain!! And play with my grandchildren!! Hip replacement is wonderful!! It eliminated my constant bone pain that kept me inactive and woke me at night!! Work hard at physical therapy!! And do your at home exercises you’ll progress quickly in your recovery if you do both!!

(8/19/18) I’m a resource teacher for students with special needs and social emotional issues. I can’t wait to work with my pre-schoolers who are quick and up and down from the floor a lot. “Criss cross apple sauce” is the way they sit at carpet time and I hope to model this expected behavior to them pain free. I find doing yoga, jumping or balancing on one foot helps them to regain focus. I think this surgery will regain the mobility in my hip to participate in the activities that are essential to my job. : )

(8/16/18) I had my left knee replaced last year and learned that the sooner you can regain the range of motion despite the pain the better the long term outcome. So this year when I had my right knee done I have been certain to do the recommended exercises daily knowing that if I continue to do it I will be able to do many of the things I have  missed doingfor the last 5 years. 

(8/12/18) My goal as I recover from hip surgery is to be able to walk for long distances pain-free. I can see that I make a little progress each day and that somewhere in the future I will reach my goal. At this point my current goal is to be able to walk around my block and I feel confident I will achieve that in the next day or two. Setting short term goals to reach your long-term goal makes the process doable.

(8/8/18) I went ahead and read all the comments about inspiration.  All of the reasons fit me exactly.  Mostly just being able to walk outside and sweep my driveway or front walk without planning and pain. We love to travel, and there has been so much planning just to board the plane, wheelchairs, canes, special boarding.  I want to be able to pick up my 3 gorgeous granddaughters, ages 1, 2 and 3 and take them to the park—most importantly to be able to walk to the park.  I want to keep up with my 85 year old mother who is very healthy. (Osteoarthritis runs on my dad’s side). She has had me sit down and wait for her while she takes care of things when we go places. Eating at a buffet would be nice without any inconveniences.  We are a very active family, so just keeping the same pace as everyone would be great!  Also, I prefer to wait on myself and not have everyone always be so sympathetic to my pain. Everything I am doing from listening to the doctors, nurses and therapists has me on track to improve my quality of life. 

(8/5/18) I don’t think of therapy as work. I think of it as preparation to bring my body back to what it was before arthritis set in to deteriorate my hip. I love to play pickleball. So I need to remind myself to work on flexibility. Strength is also something to improve on as I recoperate. I have been watching some videos on improving my game, so when I get back on the court I will be ready to play. Riding my bike and swim aerobics are things I enjoy too. So I count the days till I can return to these things. Therapy exercises are showing me that every week there will be improvements. There is a payoff to doing the therapy. Already I am able to navigate without a cane after only two weeks. Each day I see improvements sometimes icing feels pretty good. Can’t wait to see the next improvement. 

(7/31/18) My biggest incentive to exercise the left knee I just had operated on is the fact my right knee is getting done October 5. I need that left knee to be strong enough when I get the right knee done in October. I discovered exercising in the bed the minute I wake up instead of jumping up and getting out of bed. Once I get out of bed and start thinking about all the things I have to do it’s difficult to go back to exercising. So if you can try to do as many in bed before you start your day it is amazing how get you motivated to continue once you do get out of bed. Hope this helps.

(7/29/18) Having previously had my right hip replaced- I keep reminding myself that once the healing process is complete I am going to feel fantastic!!!! Positive energy!!

(7/29/18) Each day I see improvement. It's funny that your texts are on target. For me they provide good information and incentive. My doctor did his job. Now it's up to me and I can do it!

(7/23/18) 1)  The daily texts inform & encourage me bygiving me hints  & daily exercises to keep the recovery process going  well. 2) Following my PT & OT specialist directions in doing the various exercises because I can really see my progress in recovering. 3) Practing exercises in bed ,i.e. foot pumps, flexing feet or tightening quads, & buttocks to further strenghen them. 4) Keeping a positive attitude, no matter the challenge or pain  in order to improve. 5)Noticing that each day, the pain lessens & my improvement, i.e. walking fluidity & manovering gets better.

(7/23/18) I'm inspired because I have not been able to walk for a very long time am excited to get back with my family and my normal routines I know this surgery is gonna make this possible my physical therapy has been great and has made me feel more confident I know I have more surgery on the other  knee but I'm very excited to get that done my surgeon is amazing and his staff is  Kind and polite I thank you for everything

(7/11/18) What inspires me to keep working so hard is to get my life back and start walking the trails again without PAIN. I have been an avid walker the last twenty years at 3 miles a day! I could no longer do that and look forward to the day I can do it again !!!

(7/11/18) My inspiration to work hard and keep doing my PT exercises is the older folks at the gym where I am a member.   There are many people up to 25 years my elder who are great examples; they come to the gym, stay socially and physically active, and they look GREAT.  They are a living example of what is possible.  At almost 65, I am facing a "fork in the road".  I can step up my efforts and work through my therapy (even when I don't feel like doing it), or give in to depression and end up sad, sedentary and immobile.   I have family and friends to live for and enjoy.  It was an easy choice to make!   

(7/8/18) Hello I am 10 days out of knee surgery, and it is going well. Be prepared for it not to be exactly what you expected. Some things are a little easier, some things are a little harder. It's okay to have a meltdown once in awhile. I found myself having one 5 days after surgery, crying, and saying why did I do this to myself? Well, I had severe arthritis. It's a disease. It needs to be treated. We are very fortunate that it is treatable, and that recovery will enable us to get back to the life we used to have, the life we want to have again we are fortunate to have such wonderful doctors and facilities close to us. I can't imagine if we lived in some remote rural area getting the same quality of care that we are getting. So best of luck to everyone. If I had any advice to give, it would be as follows number 1 let go of your schedule. Sleep when you're tired. Number 2 move around, you will always feel better after moving around, number 3 if your physical therapist says to do the exercises at home three times a day, do it. Number 4 be patient. Number 5 even though you are not hungry, and a lot of times that is from the medications, continue to eat small healthy meals. Finally, when friends and family members want to help, let them

(7/2/18) I am in week 4 of my first Total Knee Replacement.  I had been suffering the last 2 years very significantly with bone on bone. The arthritis had basically crippled me. My pain level was never below 7 and always an 9 when I had to walk a anywhere. This first knee replacement surgery has gone well. I had pain and the rehap is a challenge. The great news is the it is working and my new knee is my best knee and after 4 weeks pain in that knee is mostly 1 or zero. When I do rehab there is still pain in stretching the knee out . It gets stronger every day. I was a little afraid of this but now ready for my second knee replacement.  I am looking forward to my hiking / camping trip to Yellow Stone next year in the spring.  

(6/22/18)I ’m inspired by my family & all the future plans of traveling after retirement. I plan to return to work full time  as soon as possible to help me achieve my work goals of being able to retire in the 2 - 3 years.  I couldn’t imagine my life not walking.  I’m very fortunate and inspired to have a Physician and care team that’s  not afraid to take on me and my problems like some others were.

(6/18/18) Knowing that you are not alone in your fight to get better. Others have done it and the doctors and nurses are behind you. 

(6/6/18) I’m inspired to get active and start riding my bike again!

(6/4/18) By doing the work every day I get to see improvement almost every day. Having Dr. * and his staff so involved and available makes me feel I have the support I need. It's still up to me to make the effort, but it's so much better than it was before. Can't say enough about team.

(6/2/18) I keep going by staying focused on the goal of walking normally. I had bone on bone osteoarthritis which bowed my right leg outward with great pain. I'm 6 weeks post op and pain is minimal. My leg is straight and I walk well. My advice is do not skip any therapy, do your exercises at home and reach the GOAL of full recovery!!

(5/29/18) The satisfaction in knowing that the physical therapy treatment will bring you to a pain free place is enough to actually look forward to each and every exercise.  Also, I can feel the progress afterward - easier to move about and becomes more and more limber. Let’s just keep moving!!

(5/28/18) My friends and family are helping me get through this recovery of a  full knee replacement. I’ll be doing great one day and then the next day my foot and knee will be very swollen and painful again and that can be very depressing! However, I am climbing stairs better than I did before surgery and it’s only 14 days out. Every day I can do a little more than the previous day! I want to be able to walk in the woods again with my husband, dance at my son’s wedding and go traveling with my husband, sister and brother!! Best thing was when I came out of surgery and my husband saw my leg he exclaimed “It’s straight again!” And what can be better than that!! :-)

(5/26/18) I’m very thankful of my surgeon and his team. The hospital was beyond amazing. My knee replacement was a little more complicated than most. I had shattered my tibia, braking the plate and the bone was in 11 pieces. My surgical repair has 10 titanium  screws and a plate. It’s been nearly 7 years since accident, and my medial knee was bone on bone. I was cautious of waiting as long as possible, because you can only have 2 replacements in a lifetime. I got to a point, that I had enough and I was ready. I had heard about the doctor in Chicago. I called made the  clinic and was asked to send over my X-rays and other images. My consult was excellent! He told me, I didn’t need to  have all the hardware removed. Also, this knee replacement never has to be replaced, they simply replace the disc or cushion in between the bones. He said he would remove the drimmel out any screws in the way for the tibia shank.  My surgery was on 5/11/18, & it went perfect. He said I was extremely bow legged. After installing the new knee, he had to do some muscle work to allow for the muscle to relax enough to straighten my knee.

What motivates me with my recovery? I’ve been doing my therapy 3 times a week. My knee flexion is  129 degrees, 2 weeks from surgery. My extension is great also. I believe there is no reason I won’t have completed my therapy in 4 weeks, instead of the suggested 6 weeks.The motivational factor for me is several things, I’m only 51 years old, and I have a wife and a 16 yr old daughter. I’m a chiropractor, and my profession is very physical.. lastly, my hobby is bow hunting, for whitetail and elk. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to backpack in for miles, with 40-60 lbs on my back.

(5/25/18) Had my surgery on May 14th. Wanted to show my mom how easy this would be because she has two bone on bone knees. I felt if she saw how fast I was walking, she would at least think about having surgery herself. My second motivator is a vacation planned for South Carolina later in June. I wanted to be able to walk the beach pain free. Surgery was Monday, by Friday I was off all pain meds!  Dr. * and the team were excellent!  If I had another knee problem I wouldn’t hesitate to get the other one done!

(5/19/18) I want to get back to walking at least 30 minutes per day times 4 to 5 days per week
In order for me to get healthy and stay healthy I must get back to my walking routine

(5/14/18) What inspires me to work hard after surgery is the desire to heal and resume my normal activities of gardening, walking, hiking with my grandchildren, gym and swimming. I want to be able to sit cross legged on the floor and play with my grandchildren.  I am also inspired by the progress I make every day with the help of my compassionate and inspiring therapist. The texts I receive on daily basis also give me an incentive. I feel very blessed & appreciative to have a skilled surgeon.

(5/11/18) I am 11 days into my recovery from knee surgery. I live near the museums in Chicago. My goal is to be able to walk to the museums and to walk along the lakefront. I watched my father decline in his ability to walk and I want to maintain my mobility throughout my senior years!

(5/9/18) I love to ride my bike, so I am working really hard to get better, so I can ride my bike again. I also want do the best I can to show appreciation to my surgeon for the work he did to get me to this point🤗

(5/8/18) My Mom always told me I was born a perfect child. Now some 64 years later I can share that there may have been a slight exageration to that statement. I was born with a smaller outer miniscus on my right knee. Over time this caused my lower leg to bow outward from the knee farther and farther. Recently my lower leg colapsed outward 3 times. Fortunately, all three times I was able to catch my fall (and subsequent carnage) on my way down. Once I caught myself on a shopping cart. The next time I caught myself on the spoiler of my car, and the third time I caught myself by grabbing onto the house door sill trim. I was forced to wear a metal reinforced knee brace to try to save myself from a violent fall. A week and a half ago I received my new knee and for the first time in my life I look into a mirror and see what I look like with a straight leg. 
   I don’t fault my Mom for expressing that I was a perfect baby. I believe every newborn is perfect in their own way and sometimes Mothers are the only ones to recognize that. 
   Thanks for reading my story. 
I wish you well as your healing continues.

(5/7/18) We operate a farm. It takes everyone to make a family farm work. We have children and grandchildren that enjoy our farm. We will go on a family camping trip in July. I am working hard to be able to play with my grandchildren and enjoy our family vacation. And be more help on the farm. Exercise has been a big part of my life. I will continue to to do so to better my daily responsiblities. Thank you for a good support staff and great doctors.

(5/6/18) I  am motivated after left total knee replacement to gain full functionality. Enjoy long walks and travel with my family and able to keep up with them.

(4/30/18) I keep motivated by the progress I make every day. The ability to bend my knee more to watch it as it starts to slowly straighten. I celebrate the small accomplishments because I know that in the end I will get back to my normal life sooner.

(4/28/18) I want my life back. I’m working so hard at getting my endurance and strength. Newly retired and hip replacement wasn’t in my retirement plans.

(4/23/18) No pain no gain... I am fortunate to have a surgeon like Dr. *.   11 days out of surgery, I see remarkable improvement everyday. My biggest motivation is my wife and a young daughter and of course my activities that iI missed for the last 10 years. Stick to physical therapy and advise from your doctors office...In the long run the gain overcome the small pain from the surgery

(4/22/18) My inspiration to work hard in my recovery from hip replacement surgery is my goal to get back to my 30 minutes per day brisk walking routine.  It’s been many months since I’ve been able to enjoy my walks which were mental relievers as well as good exercise for my back pain issues.  I am also looking forward to taking hikes with my young granddaughters to see the many waterfalls near my soon-to-be new home in South Carolina.

(4/21/18) My family and friends has visited me and taken me out—cane and all—during this whole recovery. I have not felt isolated or left out. Face Time and texting has been invaluable. I have always felt surrounded by love and encouragement. I am very lucky! I am doing great and it is because of them—my ever-present cheerleading squad!

(4/2/18) My best motivation and inspiration is that I don’t have a third leg and I won’t have to go through this again so doing these exercises  well and correctly is for my own benefit.

(3/31/18) I have 4 grandkids and want to go kayaking this summer in Northern Michigan.  Downhill skiing is coming up this winter.  Maybe just bunny hill 2018.  Hilton head island in 10 weeks.  Hopefully biking, if not,  just walking on the beach

(3/30/18) It’s been 40 years since my last knee surgery. During those 40 years I have focused on my family, my job and helping others.  Time was always a key factor to put off TKR.  I  also  hoped that holding off on the TKR surgery would allow medical advancements that would result in better outcomes and allow my knee replacement to last longer.

As I push through the pain each day I am motivated to be stronger so I will be able to share my talents with others.  I also will eliminate the limitations I placed on myself (to due to the degeneration of my knees) to be as active as I wanted to be.

I can feel my knee is stronger than before my surgery and that the actual TKR procedure has improved dramatically over the past 40 years!
I am thankful that my family and friends are here to support me and I’m especially motivated to get stronger to enjoy many more years of activities with them...

(3/27/18) The journey with my RKR has been painful at time but you know what has really helped me thru it all is the email and the video's it's like whenever I had questions an email would come with the answer so my recovery is going well

(3/25/18) I want to work harder and harder to get better and  better as my daughter and I are taking a trip to Norway this summer in July. I want to be able to walk and enjoy the trip. I feel the better I can work the more I can enjoy the trip.  The texts we receive also really give me an incentive. I hope I can be one of the people who really makes it after knee surgery.

(3/24/18) This experience has been positive from the beginning. The relationship with the physician, the wonderful nurses, especially K**, the education pre-operatively are all I place for our success. I work hard at PT and at home exercises to obtain the best results possible allowing me to return to work and my intense workouts.

(3/11/18) What inspires me to keep going after total knee replacement is my desire to be active again. To walk, play volleyball, work out & travel. I made a conscious decision to do what ever it takes to become fully functional so I decided to set up my own exercise schedule on non-Physical therapy days & I do the schedule 2x a day. I also do the schedule 1x a day on Physical therapy day’s. I push myself to get my knee straight & to bend as far as I can. Each improvement is motivation.

(3/4/18) I’m two weeks out from surgery and have started in Home therapy. My surgeon is top notch and the texts are encouraging. I want to be able to play with my grandkids again as warmer weather approaches. I am most motivated to get back to my church where I can once again serve.

(2/23/18) I am planning my trip to Ireland soon. I will need my strong legs to climb castle stairs and dance an Irish jig. Lol. I especially look forward to being able to keep up with my six grandkids WITHOUT knee pain!! I look forward to doing my pt, knowing I’m closer to achieving my goals with each grunt lol and squat. Keep positive...this discomfort IS temporary

(2/20/18) Day 11. My PT added some balance exercises to my morning routine. Afterward I began to walk: erect. upright. No sway. No walker. No cane. No pain. Haven’t been able to walk like that for 5 years. Now, the Morning PT workout makes my day. A gift to be able to do them.

(1/30/18) My mind’s eye holds a not too distant picture of a woman taking care of herself, her home and family; staying current with her profession and its outside influences; while making time for friends. It’s that picture that keeps me on track. I liked that woman and I want her back.

(1/27/18) My goal is to be hiking in Switzerland this summer with my husband and son.

(1/15/18) First off, I feel these daily texts have been invaluable and so apropos to each day of recovery. 
I knew I had a great surgeon, but since I have had many Orthopaedic surgeries  that the ultimate recovery of my knee was up to me.  I had forgotten how bad pain can be, but I had not forgotten how important it was to take the pain medicine so that I could get through PT and daily exercises.
Focusing on positive improvements each day rather than pain definitely helps to rewire the brain. When feeling frustrated with the pain, I would get up and walk around and work on my exercises. 
Try to review each night “baby steps” that have been accomplished through the day Be grateful that due to minimally invasive surgery knee replacement recovery has been totally revolutionized in the last 13 years.
I took care of my father for TKR in 2006 who was in the hospital for 4 days and then in a rehab center for 3 weeks.  He came home weaker after 3 weeks than I was in 1 day.  Be grateful that medicine is continually improving!

(1/9/18) I am 12 days out of surgery and have seen a tremendous improvement. While the physical therapy can be challenging at times it truly is the key to a full recovery. Putting in the extra work at home and at PT will get me back to being the active adult I want to be and am accustomed to. I can visualize myself back on the golf course this spring and taking long walks with my family in the near future. While this is not always easy and can be frustrating for someone who wants immediate results, staying focused on the outcome and staying the course is what I remain focused on. 

(1/9/18) I work at recovering so that I am able to keep up with my grandchildren.  Maybe I won't be able to jump rope but if we are going somewhere I need to walk I can do it. I don't  want to be left behind for anything.

(1/7/18) My family! We are an active family and I was lagging behind. I can hardly wait to climb the dunes again and walk the beach. Watch out guys...I'm not behind you anymore!

(1/3/18) The recovery process is extremely painful and demoralizing. Morale can easily be affected. Once you have overcome those first weeks of excruciating pain you realize that the benefits of the surgery are greater than any sacrifice.

(1/2/18) I see a measured improvement in motion each day. For the most part pain is less each day. These small positives motivate me each day to work harder at my exercises.

(12/24/17) After seeing my quality of life degrade over the last 15 years, not being able to walk inclines or more than a city block. Having this surgey should be a  new lease on life as long as I push my self through the therapy and the home exercises to get the most out of the procedure. To be able to walk the banks of a lake and fish, or walk downtown's museum campus and lake front is inspiration enough to keep me striving forward and working hard to total recovery. 

(12/23/17) I want to be who I was years ago. I want to be able to do a 5k walk for charity  or cut my grass without the pain of my hip.  I continue to do the exercises to become stronger and independent of the crutches. This is week two and the pain is not noticeable anymore. I am  looking forward to walking without a limp.

(12/16/17) I am motivated to get back to my doubles tennis league this spring.  The hard work is paying off!

(12/11/17) Doing things I haven't been able to do, with the prospect of doing so much more. I am getting my life back!

(12/9/17) To be able to wear my beautiful high heal shoes ASAP......what else!!!

(11/25/17) I have been affected by my bad hip for a couple years. Finally it was time to get it repaired. I choose Dr. * based on his reputation and experience. He did an excellent job based on my mobility and lack of pain. It is now up to me to do the work to guarantee a good outcome. My goal is to walk normally with no pain. So far so good. I know I need to build up the muscles around the surgery site to reach my goal.

(11/15/17) I’ve had a few surgeries so I’ve become somewhat used to and good at the recovery process. Not to go into detail but this is my 11th rehab experience from orthopedic surgery. I’ve went through early on not wanting to move because of pain and not wanting to take pain medication for fear of addiction and have learned quite a bit along the way. 

The rehab experience actually starts prior to surgery. This last surgery was for a hip replacement and though it hurt to walk or stand I tried my best to strengthen my legs prior to surgery to make recovery easier and faster.

After surgery I stayed on a regiment to keep on top of all the pain meds and get up moving as soon as possible. I separate the pain into good pain and warning pain. There is going to be pain associated with recovery so taking the meds helps one push through the pain to achieve range of motion and strengthening the muscles. It’s important not to wean yourself off the pain meds early or the pain experienced will stop you from making progress. Taking pain meds when prescribed early makes for a speedy recovery and I find that I end up in the long run taking fewer pain meds overall. In stead of watching the clock waiting to take the next dose you find yourself gradually taking doses further and further apart till the meds are no longer needed. 

This time my brother just had a knee replacement prior to my hip replacement so we’ve been in constant contact. He had a hip replacement years ago and I had a knee replacement so we are helping each other out quite a bit.. Of course even after 60 years there is a little sibling rivalry so when he says he went out and walked a mile, I felt compelled to go out and walk a mile. Twice. It’s been a good experience for both of us able to help each other knowing what the other is going through and what to expect.

Keep focused on the end result of getting back to good health and pain free mobility. It’s going to hurt getting there but how long you’re in pain is really up to you. Do the exercises and push yourself. If you’re having problems pretend you have a little brother who is getting better faster than you are.

(11/13/17) I just read Inspiration responses from others. My previous one written  a bit ago  is a short term inspiration which is to go out for coffee. My favorite experience with friends and, oh, to be able to sit through a movie. To look ahead I would like to be able to sit without carrying around a pillow at work. I broke my other hip 3 years ago and had another kind of repair that hasn't been entirely ideal, but I can tell my recent hip replacement of 12 days ago is greatfully different. I have none of the  hip pain as before surgery. I want to experience my previous ability to be mindful and to shift my nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic mode. I want to slow down, be calm and with steadiness and strength. I hope to carry this with me out of the house into the world ad I interact with others.

(11/10/17) My 1 year old grandson inspires me to keep working hard so I can keep up with him. In addition, we have a trip to Mexico coming up for which  I’m eager to be healthy and strong.

(11/7/17) I am inspired daily by surrounding family, a daily sense of awe at where this new knee is taking me along with a newfound sense of gratitude for what feels like a new lease on life! Grateful tor all the wonderful, caring health care professionals along the road too!

(11/4/17) I want to be free from restrictions like walkers, canes, leaning forward tighter than 90 degrees and using tall toilets to avoid dislocating my new hip. I want to walk with my grandkids through parks and museums. Every day I see improvement. I know I’m going to get to that time when my new hip will be forgotten. Just like the left one after it was replaced 7 years ago. The hip won’t hurt when I’m standing in a long line—My feet might hurt, but my hip won’t. :-) So I do the exercises that warm up and strengthen the muscles. Then I note that lifting my legs into and moving my body over in bed is getting easier every day. I can stand at my bathroom sink and actually put some weight on my operated leg while brushing my teeth. I don’t mind folding laundry! The extra trips to and fro make me stronger.  Now I’m not leaning so hard on the walker except when I’m tired or in more pain. Soon I’ll be done with the walker! One restriction down just a “few” more to go! Enjoy the journey!

(10/30/17) I am motivated to recover fully because I want to be able to do all the things I used to do before having severe hip pain.  I am very active.  I have four grandchildren and I used to be very active when I was with them.  I work on my feet 8 hours a day so it will be great to be pain free. I am also very grateful for an awesome surgeon.  Surgery went well and my recovery is going well.  Looking forward to a pain free existence.

(10/30/17) It took several years of trying to decide on my knee replacement surgery. I am beyond ecstatic that my long time decision was correct and I do not intend for anything to take any longer than it should. Too much wasted time already. That said I am and will remain dedicated to the exercises and the process to obtain the best possible final result. Many thanks to all who did and continue to be part of the process. My Dr. being number 1!

(10/28/17) Took me a long time to get to surgery.  Struggled with pains for years and somehow managed to have a full life but this year was making decisions based on pain so decided for surgery.  Surgery was 12 days ago and already I feel such differences in my walking and exercising.  I am a long term mindful meditator so my mind comfortable with the process.  I exercise 3 times a day unless I have PT when I only exercise once on my own.  I make sure I walk 2-3 miles each day. I have the halls of my apartment building to walk in and use science podcasts to keep me mindfully busy so the walk is never monotonous.  I use both crutches just to keep my self safe.  When weather permits some of the walking is outside.  My meditation helps me be aware of the patience I need in the healing process.  Each day is a bit better than the day before.  Very happy I made the decision for surgery with the team that I have!

(10/23/17) Wanting to spend more time with my new 1st grandson and to get back to some normal pain free in my life.

(10/19/17) What inspires me is my 20 year old daughter, I have missed out on so many parts of life due to the limitations involved with needing my hip replaced.

(10/16/17) When I see amputees, especially US veterans, it makes me feel that I can do whatever I need to do to get back to my former life if they can do it, so can I, no excuses!

(10/8/17) I had an idea before therapy began, how it should in my mind it should flow.  This was not reality. There are many bumps in the road. Including all the pain you are going to get. There's no way that I personally could have been ready for understanding the intensity. I am super glad I had the operation. More therapy, more mobility.

(10/8/17) I had surgery 12 days ago, I am doing good except not used to having other people help me. I know all this will be worth it and soon will have my life back so I can enjoy my family . I had a wonderful surgeon and care in the hospital . I just have to be patient .

(10/1/17) I want to be able to play and ride bikes with my granddaughters!

(9/19/17) I will work hard every day to get back to being healthy and walking and living without pain    I look forward to being able to get back to work to assist my coworkers on the important work we have been assigned to assist Florida and Texas and Louisiana in recovering from the hurricanes caused thanks to all the surgeons nurses physical therapists and hospital assistants for aiding in my recovery. Thanks to all the friend family and church friends for prayers for healing.   I am blessed and feel a new lease on life to accomplish many amazing things in my years to come

(9/16/17) Due to the circumstances with my husband, I am motivated to continue my recovery process,working hard in PT and getting enough sleep and avoiding stress in an effort to be able to spend his last days with him.

(9/1/17) When I first experienced my pain over 17 months ago and realized I was bone-on-bone I was told by a doctor that I was not a candidate for surgery. I was told by this doctor that because of my age and my health issues I would most likely die on the operating table or shortly after surgery. I was told to continue therapy to strengthen my muscles to support my hip. This became harder and harder for me to do, and the pain became more and more severe.  I have not slept in my bed for over 16 months. I was not able to put on my own socks, I was becoming more and more debilitated.  Life was becoming harder and harder to enjoy. I then met Dr.*.  I cannot tell you how relieved I was to know that Dr.* was going to do my surgery. Not only did Dr.* have a wonderful bedside manner, but he took the time to discuss the procedure with me and my family.  He took the time to answer the many questions my children and wife had to ask as well.  Well, to cut to the chase, my surgery was a complete success.  I amcontinuing to get stronger and stronger every day.  I know that I am on the road to a full recovery.  I am feeling better and better each day. This was all possible and successful because of Dr.* Dr. * gave me a chance at life again!  I cannot thank this incredibly talented and professional surgeon for all he did for me.  He gave me my life back. 

(8/16/17) I am a pretty self sufficient person I never rely on other people for things and I did not play this surgery up with my family for sympathy so I didn't get much help from my family which in one way is good because I have been very active since the surgery I had no choice. I did not just around and be waited on. The surgery pain was not too bad at beginning (almost too good) but then It got tougher. It's a slow healing process and physical therapy is going good but slowly. I am inspired to get through this last 16 months of pain that I've been living through since my accident. I'm hoping to be 100% by November so I can go on a vacation with my daughter that we've been planning for a long time. I thank this great doctor he did an awesome job. And thank all his staff they all were great! 

(8/15/17) I am inspired by the daily texts coming from my surgeon that tell me what to expect, provide examples of exercise, and encourage me to be patient.  I am grateful for my surgeon's skill, which has provided a recovery with quicker progress and less pain than I expected. A positive of this surgery has been a week's time one-on-one with my daughter who lives out of state and came in to help me. And visits from my grandsons have brightened each day.  I have been reminded how simple things should never be taken for granted and how just an ordinary day is a blessing.  Finally, support from friends is dear, and I promise to be there for them in return.


(8/15/17) After working 40 plus years construction it's time for my life partner and myself to stop and smell the roses . I've set a goal to walk the beaches of Florida this winter like I walked for work  and eat healthy and drink plenty of wine! Set a goal it really works stick to it.


(8/14/17) Just keep working and go forward. It's the best thing to do.. do every thing that Dr. tells u to do. It does work and u will get better


(7/30/17) I am inspired by the beautiful sunlight streaming in my bedroom window as I lift my ankles up on the two big pillows and ice my knee each day.  My husband brings me the ice pack and a towel 3 to 4 times a day, sometimes over the covers, sometimes under the covers!  My physical therapist is inspiring, as he plays the music I like while we exercise together.  Am I home nurse has such a sweet smile, she tells me I am doing awesome and that's really inspiring.


(7/29/17) I am inspired by the extremely helpful daily texts and positive messages. I look forward to receiving them and accomplishing the exercises. I am inspired by the very positive attitude of my physical therapist; Erika - she has me moving forward during every session and encourages me to do more! I am inspired by my family and friends that have called and visited and shared their encouragement. I am inspired by keeping in touch via text with another patient I met at the pre-surgery class and she had surgery the same day I did!  We let each other know how we are doing and feeling.  It's very encouraging! I feel very lucky to have all the support that I do while recuperating!


(7/29/17) I'm 11 days out of surgery and amazed at how good I'm feeling. Yes there's bruising pain and swelling but none of the ache and pain that I'd gotten so used to. My inspiration is to get this new knee strong enough to help my other knee when I have surgery on it so it will rehab well and I can get on with my life with two new knees. I have so much to do that I have no patience with this knee pain. Ok there are days when I realize I need to take it really easy(like today) but it is getting better. And yes PT hurts but it's a good hurt that's making me more flexible and strong. Hang in.


(7/26/17) What inspired me after my knee replacement surgery to work hard and stay focused with my physical therapy was I didn't want to let Dr. down.  I appreciate everything he did to help me. My family and friends and co workers all thank Dr.  for taking me on as a patient and for letting me enjoy my life again.   Thank you for everything. 


(7/26/17) I was very discouraged when Dr told me that I needed knee revision surgery. It had been 10 years since my full knee replacement.  The pain in my knee was terrible and I knew that I needed the procedure but thought I was just too busy for the surgery and rehab. Nevertheless, I had the surgery and all went well!  I'm leaving in two days to meet my new grandson and realize that it was his impending arrival that has kept me going toward recovery.  Al the hard work in therapy is paying off!


(7/11/17) It's rough, but what keeps me going is hoping that I'll be able to do most of the things I use to do without the pain, if I can accomplish that, than it'll be well worth the wait !!! Keep on keeping the faith & hang in there 😊.


(6/24/17) Life inspires me. My children and my grandchildren. My work. Planting flowers and getting rid of the weeds that have taken over my yard. Last but not least, to work the pain away in physical therapy.


(6/19/17) There are several things that inspire me to forge ahead and overcome many hurdles with my recovery thus far.  The first two weeks have not been easy but with the help of my wonderful husband and comforting support of my marvelous three Poodles they inspire me so! Along with my favorite music and concentrating on my continued PT. My desire to regain my strength to return to work, volunteer activities and my BoFlex Max Trainer are also totally inspiring.


(6/18/17) I'm behind in my ROM. I've never been behind anything in my life--captain of the wrestling team, left handed shortstop, first to letter in high school, first to make partner, never divorced, etc. I want to be skating by November after my other knee is replaced. I have 4 young children and I'm digging deep, but like Roosevelt's "man in the ring", I keep coming up short, and I will never quit like those timid souls who know neither success or failure. The fight is on!!


(6/17/17) Reading about people going thru setbacks really inspires me to work hard in my recovery. I like to read books about personal growth.


(6/10/17) My inspiration is the drive to get back to doing the things I enjoy and my previous activities!


(6/6/17) My inspiration is returning to normal as quickly as possible!


(5/31/17) I want to be able to go on a trip and ENJOY myself, not spend the time with my knee elevated because of pain.


(5/21/17) My inspiration is be self sufficient again.


(5/17/17) This journey is different than I anticipated. I truly wasn't prepared for the pain that wore me out. I was an emotional mess. First wondering why I thought a "new knee" was a good idea and when I came to grips with the reality. It is what it is! Might have been the meds, might have been my own helplessness, but I experienced an emotional roller coaster that has eased with time. Talking to others; I'm not alone. It's normal! I am working hard at PT to regain full mobility. I have a much greater appreciation of those who have undergone surgery whether a replacement knee, hip or shoulder or even bypass heart surgery. I am hoping to be a better kinder and more sympathetic friend to others in the future. And my greatest incentive is watching those who have had replacement surgery and now resume a full mobile life.


(5/17/17) "What has been my personal inspiration to continue to work hard each day after surgery is my desire to get back into living and enjoying those things that prior to surgery I could not do.  Before surgery I sat on the sideline and watched life pass me by!  Working extremely hard to get back to long walks, mall shopping, and enjoying time with friends."


(5/15/17) "My inspiration to work hard after surgery is pretty simple. I want to have the best new knee I can. Also, I want to get back on the golf course. Why go through the surgery and all it entails and not work hard after?  I had surgery 11 days ago and I am feeling better and stronger each day. Those first few days were tough but it only gets better as time passes. My PT has been awesome, she has encouraged me and been such a positive influence."


(5/15/17) "Being able to travel in a few months to my husband's country to meet his family.  Being able to do all the things I used to do and live the life I want to live. Being able to spontaneously make a plan to go somewhere or do something. Being able to inspire others who suffer or have lost hope."


(5/15/17) "Last November I sat on a bench while my husband and kids (8 & 10) ran away from me to catch the last ride of the night on Space Mountain. I'm inspired to do the work, to heal and be strong because I never again want to be the mom who says 'I can't, you go ahead'.  I want to get back to my old self...the one who says 'Yes! Let's do it!'  I'd almost lost her...I can see her now."


(5/8/17) "Me and my husband love to travel and walk . That's motivated me to get stronger everyday. I dreamed to walk without pain, and cannot wait to get better. The therapist helps me with this, and  each day I get closer to walking."


(5/6/17) "I am so very grateful to have had my surgery 2 weeks ago on April 24th.  I was in so much pain prior to surgery, which truly impacted my quality of life.  I have been working hard after surgery to regain my motion and regain my strength. I will do exactly what my doctor/nurses/physical therapist recommends and I will do it with a smile because I know it's helping me to reach my personal goals (driving, walking without a walker/cane, hanging out with my grandchildren/family, working out again at the fitness center, etc). I feel very blessed & appreciative to have an extremely skilled surgeon. I have been inspired, encouraged and informed by the daily text messages."


(4/19/17) "What inspires me is the desire to work through the pain of the present to be pain free in the future. Springtime is all around these last few days and it'll be great to enjoy summer with at least one healthy knee."


(4/16/17) "My motivation comes from several areas. First, we are in the process of selling our house to move out of state. Second, I want to be able to resume walking every day. Third, I want to be able to visit and enjoy time with my grandchildren and friends.  Fourth, I would like to go back and sub a few times at a middle school I worked at, to say goodbye before we leave."


(4/1/17) "What inspires me to keep working hard after surgery includes the following:  (1.) Reading and hearing about others who have returned to active lifestyles after joint replacement surgery, (2.) Experiencing (day by day) the progressive ability to move my body more freely, (3.) Feeling like myself again, which has always included physical activity- only now my goal is to heal and strengthen my hip as a path to returning to the activities that I enjoy, (4.) Encouragement from my family and friends that this surgery has been (and is) beneficial to me, (5.) Holding and nurturing the hope that I will return to the activities that I enjoy (as well as experience new ones) with improved physical capacity and less pain. And last but perhaps most fundamental: Knowing that I can gain strength in the musculature around (and restore the function of) my previously compromised joint as a result of my surgeon's skill and grace, in restoring the structure of my hip."


(3/29/17) "I purchased a 2010 Camaro SS last summer. It is now sitting in my garage covered up. The car sits real close to the ground--so it will be a challenge to get in and out. My goal is to be able to get in and drive around, and enjoy this beautiful car. (Which I will be taking to car shows on the summer) But on a more active note--I cannot wait to get out and go for long walks and garden. My flowers and my yard bring me lots of joy and certainly bring beauty to my life."


(3/17/17) "What keeps me going is knowing that soon I will walk without a cane I can return to the gym and continue with normal functions and be only dependent on myself."


(3/15/17) "My husband, children, and grandchildren are my biggest motivation to work hard toward recovery from hip replacement. No matter how much it hurt, pushing past that pain toward the future of being able to take long walks with my husband without pain--Glorious!!!  To play, hike, carry, and enjoy my grandchildren to the fullest makes the hard work toward recovery so worth it--Priceless!!  They have all been my biggest cheerleaders. Being able to get back to moving and doing simple gardening, bending, sitting and chatting with family and friends, without unnecessary pain, was motivation enough to move and exercise my body, and strengthen the muscles in the legs and hip. When I see young children or adults that strive to do their best as a successful person, and they have no limbs, I realize how lucky I am, and I stop feeling sorry for myself, cause I realize God has better plans for me.  There is so much to see and enjoy in life, and I want to enjoy it as soon as possible. Moving and doing assigned exercises, as soon and as often as possible, makes each day easier and less painful.  The New and different pain that comes from surgery, will eventually go away and walking and other activities will be enjoyable again.  That in itself is something to look forward to as well. Good luck!  Stay strong!  Have faith in yourself.  You CAN do it! 👍"


(3/12/17) "Hi I had a partial knee replacement. I'm inspired to keep working hard on my recovery for myself n my grandsons - I'm an active 52 yr old that doesn't want anything to hinder me - also I have 2 young grandsons that keep me motivated - I need to be able to do things with and for them!"


(3/5/17) "This time around, second knee replacement, I am experiencing a quicker recovery. It is amazing. Also, my knee feels better when I exercise. Even with the pain, I continue to exercise because my entire body feels so much better. Since my first knee replacement was a success, I am doing everything in my power to make this recovery a success! The inspirational email correspondence I receive, confirms I am not alone, when at times recovery for me is lonely. It gives me an extra push when needed. I only wish this was available for my previous knee surgery. Whoever thought of this program is a genius! Thank you!"


(3/2/17) "I pride myself on being an active 50-something, and my hip surgery has been one step towards regaining my mobility and increasing my level of activity. I enjoy being outdoors, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities, and my rehab and exercises every day take me step closer to being able to enjoy those activities again.  The satisfaction of getting a little stronger every day is a real motivator towards accomplishing my exercises every day."


(2/28/17) "The text messages helped more then you will know. It had so many helpful tips and reminders. The messages even help bring my spirits up when I was feeling down from being stuck indoors. It's something I could fall back on for information. Thank you for such wonderful information!"


(2/27/17) "I spoke to so many people who had replacement surgery and were able to resume the activities they loved to do. I want my life back, too. I want to golf, ski, take long walks with my husband and run and play with my grandkids again.  I know that the recovery workouts I do today will pay off tomorrow to get me to those goals. Recovery is certainly physical, but there's a mental component too. Whenever my family and friends ask how I'm doing I say "You know, I am a little better every day." Speaking these words out loud confirms them to me because I know in my heart it's true. Yes, there are set backs and bad days, but this mantra of mine keeps me positive and moving forward."


(2/22/17)  "I ran into a casual acquaintance in a coffee shop about a month before my scheduled surgery. She had just returned from her health club workout and was sweaty and without makeup!  She is about 60. While chit chatting she said she had the same surgery... to replace her hip due to a torn labrum and never regretted it for a minute!  She was out for a quiet and quick dinner FIVE DAYS after she returned home!!  She does everything without limits where before she could barely get out of a chair!  While the first week has its uncomfortable and challenging moments, I can tell you at 11 days post op I am seeing this was a great decision!  Also need to recommend signing up for StreaMD text messages. They are reassuring from a physical and psychological point of view and seem to arrive just when you need it. We all need a cheerleader! Good Luck!"


(2/16/17) "It may seem simple, but I am so excited to be able to take long, comfortable walks with my 2 wonderful dogs. Looking at their sweet faces gives me motivation to approach my day with a strong work ethic and a positive attitude!"


(2/13/17)  "I am anxious to get back to an an active lifestyle including walking, doubles tennis and swimming. With seven grandchildren, I want to be strong and involved in family activities.  I know that this can only be achieved with full participation in my physical therapy program and home exercise. I am pleased with my progress."


(2/12/17) "Two sports motivate me:  skiing and golf.  My left knee really limited both activities but it wasn't until my wife took advantage of my condition to blow past me as the best skier in the house.  She's on notice that this status is destined to be short lived and that's what helps me focus!!"


(2/12/17) "The daily texts from StreaMD have been so encouraging, and let me know that I'm on the right track to recovery. In my experience, day 10 was a real turn around. I started feeling "normal" again, sleeping better than before my surgery. Physical therapy was instrumental in this. A good physical therapist takes away your fear of moving. They also told me to think "move "not "medication "when feeling pain. Brain needs to be retrained to know that it's OK to move and doesn't have to send signals to her to be careful. It made a huge difference and almost always the pain subsided immediately. Thank you and hope the texts keep coming!"


(2/7/17) "For me, I took on recovery like it was my job.  Pushing myself the first 2 weeks paid off with fast gains.  And, the gains helped me see light at the end of the tunnel.  I am at Week 4 now and tho I am not seeing the rapid progress of earlier,  I am trying to keep motivated and keep the pace up on strength training and PT and stretching.  I think one of the huge benefits to my healing was coming in to the surgery with good strength - I didPilates 3x a week for 2 months prior.  I also started out patient PT the Monday after the Wednesday surgery and went back to my Pilates trainer on the Tuesday after the Wednesday surgery.  So for the past 4 weeks I have had either PT or Pilates 5 days a week.  Certainly wish the Pilates was covered by insurance becasue it has been instrumental in helping me get better fast! FYI the texts helped (I liked the cheerleading ones!)."


(2/1/17) "After having a good PT session, I feel stronger and more encouraged. I can see and feel the improvements from one session to the next. Also, afterwards, I feel the desire to be a little more active."


(1/21/17) "I'm 70 years old and not ready to give up yet.  I want to be able to walk and go shopping.   Walk with my grand kids.  Generally, just move comfortably. "

(1/18/17) "What keeps me going is my family. Knowing the stronger I get the sooner I can get back to normal actives with them. Also the daily text messages have been very helpful with my motivation. Always ending with a positive note to keep going."


(1/11/17) "The text messages are wonderful along with family and friends encouragements I feel they are also helping me and keeping me on track with my recovery."


(1/10/17) "First and foremost , quality of life. Prior to the surgery I was at a point that I could barley walk. I am about to retire and want to be able to enjoy my retirement.  That means being active with my 3 grandchildren. I am also a avid golfer. Without this procedure I could not golf. I put it off for as long as I could."


(1/4/17) "Being active fosters more mobility which I am experience everyday. Progress may not be linear, but it does generally get better with PT."


(12/14/16) "My sole reason for taking the step of a partial knee replacement - resides the dang pain - is because when I retire it will be under my rules and will not be controlled by a fixable problem. I'm fortunate enough to have great healthcare and excellent doctors with a wonderful staff. Bottom line The pain subsides each day so I'm having more fun each day."


(11/15/16) "I am inspired by the fact that I can improve the quality of my life if I keep working at my rehab. It is my choice."


(11/6/16) "What inspires me to work hard on recovery is looking forward to being able to keep up and help out with our grandchildren, engaging in favorite activities like hiking and tennis, and taking full advantage of travel opportunities."


(10/30/16) "Therapy is sometimes difficult but when you implement daily, it makes you want to keep going."


(9/28/16) "Want full recovery and continue my active life style, golf, horse back riding including 5 day ride in spring with my son."


(9/21/16) "What inspire me to keep up with my therapist work out is that I want a speedy recovery and do not want any set backs. Also knowing people like myself who had knee surgery and seeing them with set back inspire me to work hard."


(9/17/16) "I think the first time I remember I felt pain may have actually been in 2008, when I was 48. I took my musician son, age 12, on a "date" to the CSO. I felt pain in my thigh almost through the whole concert. First I thought it was my foot-I had a terribly large heel spur. I had that removed and returned to the podiatrist still having leg pain. He said there's something else wrong. I injured my back exercising years before and knew I had an abnormality. I followed through on that again learning there was now "severe stenosis" and bludging discs. After many rounds of steroid injections and pt I was feeling worse. Finally after much complaining and hip xrays I landed with my replacement. I know now this may have been the issue for a very long time. During this time liitle things have happened.  I have fallen off ski chair lifts trying to get off, fell trying to hit volleyballs, was unable to dance, exercise, unable to do many activities with my children.  I have missed so much in life these years. I have dropped activities I loved one by one until I could barely walk. My Family   has helped so much. My career has suffered immensely because I have just been existing. I watch people walk effortlessly and long to do the same. My heart pours out  to those disabled who can never walk.  This has all been my motivation. To live again. To experience life. To be active and enjoy sports again  as I used to. To not miss family parties and dinner with friends because of pain. To lose all the weight I gained sitting around. To be active in my career and not just crawling to work in pain. I know this is more than you probably wanted but I want you behind these messages to realize that some of us have had our lives lost and now have another chance. This is the motivation. I don't even know where to begin."


(9/15/16) "I have two: 1. Be able to sit cross legged on the floor and play with grand children ( I don't have any yet but hope to some day) 2. I have a goal to bicycle in all 50 states and DC before my 70th birthday. I have 14 states under my belt and have 10 years to do this. Only way to do this is to get stronger!"


(8/28/16) "I am assuming my motivation is different from others.  I had polio when I was five left with paralyzed left leg and hip. I have had to fight back from many surgeries and my motivation for all of them is to be normal, not to be defined as weak it needing help."


(7/10/16) "Work hard do the work and you get better faster.  The results are worth the effort!"


(6/12/16) "I am working hard so I will be able to do the activities I hadn't been able to do for a very long time. I also want to get as close to 100% use of my knee. Thank you!"


(6/8/16) "Once pain started to alleviate I became more and more excited to resume my previous lifestyle working out , losing weight, sleeping all pain free no motivation needed beyond living without constant pain."


(6/8/16) "Per your request, the following represents my personal rationale and inspiration for hard work following surgery.   I think everyone should follow the motto “When you have your health, you have just about everything”.  If you truly value your personal health, you surely know the negative impact of illness and injury and the degrees to which they affect not only YOU personally, but those around you as well.   While we know it isn’t always true for some people, everyone should have realistic expectations about medical treatments and their possible outcomes to address medical issues.  First and foremost, everyone must accept responsibility for their own health.   While many treatments seem almost miraculous, there are no “silver bullets” to solve certain medical problems.   Medical professionals can certainly work wonders in many circumstances, but we must also face that fact that there are times when there are limits to the kinds of health improvements than can be achieved by medical practitioners.   I personally work hard to follow doctors’ orders for prescriptions, therapies, life style, etc. in order to maximize the chances for recovery.  But maintaining a realistic attitude is also essential to main both mental and physical health.   Individuals with unrealistic expectations are setting themselves up for disappointment and failure when it comes to their health.  While we CAN and SHOULD feel better after medical treatment, we can rarely ever be the person we were 10-20 years ago.   We also must not only share in the responsibility of our health BEFORE a medical situation arises AND for our personal recovery once medical treatment has been rendered."


(6/7/16) "My inspiration to continue working hard after surgery is my hope for healthier tomorrows. I want to do everything possible to have this knee replacement revision last many years and many miles. I hope to return to the gym and exercise routinely. I hope to be more active with my grandchildren; I don't want them to see me dependent any longer on a cane or walker. I want to set a good example for healthy living!"


(6/1/16) "I was in such pain before the hip replacement, I vowed to work hard in every aspect to rid myself from this burden. That I lost 43 lbs. before my surgery, and 4 weeks after the surgery I have now lost 55 lbs. I work hard every day at pt cause this is for the better of my future. Every day I reap the rewards of working hard on my pt and can tell by the results!"


(5/29/16) "I want to walk without a cane. I have no more pain so that should happen soon."


(5/6/16) "What inspires me is to see the tiny daily improvements all my efforts produce when I just keep working at it."


(5/5/16) "Because each day it gets slightly better. When you experience your body healing itself that wonder makes me want to take care of myself."


(4/11/16) "I am inspired because I'm a dancer. I am looking so forward to getting back to my dad dancing relaxes me and motivates me to move my Limbs. so I believe that once I can become more flexible with my Knee and my leg usageI would be the strength again to continue to Dance. I am looking so forward to getting my strength back. Thank you."