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STREAMD provides patients with a SMS-based digital health assistant to coach them through their entire surgical episode. From preparing for surgery to recovering postoperatively, STREAMD offers patients an unprecedented breadth of information tailored to their physician's preferences. 

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Digital Patient Coaching

STREAMD converts a physician’s existing surgical instructions into an interactive digital coach that guides patients through the pre- and post-operative experience. Instructions are paired with empathetic and motivational messages from the physician, as well as links to instructional exercise videos for a holistic recovery experience.

96% of patients said they did not have to call the office because STREAMD answered their questions

Real-World Application

Unlike apps that require downloads, log-ins, passwords, and learning curves, STREAMD is entirely text-messaging based. Through intuitive and human-like two-way SMS interactions, patients are engaged and motivated. STREAMD’s unique platform runs autonomously and does not require any monitoring from clinic staff. We aim to reduce workload — not add to it by creating additional clinician inboxes or platforms to manage.

99% of patients said STREAMD had a positive effect on their recovery

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Your Brand, Not Ours

Each digital assistant is customized to the care culture and treatment preferences of the physician. Messages include physician- and procedure-specific content and personalized video messages from the physician, enhancing the personal connection between patients and their physician, not a third party.

89% of patients said STREAMD made them feel a more personal connection to their physician

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