We’re proud to share the feedback we’ve received from patients enrolled in STREAMD

(9/26/19) Sometimes I had a question for the team and the message sent that day answered it. So I never had to call the office!
(9/22/19) The message are wonderful they keep you focus at times you get down and the texts come in on time to motivate you to continue to do better!
(9/17/19) STREAMD helped me feel I was on task and moving forward.
(9/13/19) I really liked the messages, especially when you have a bad day!
(9/10/19) I really enjoyed getting the texts because it seemed they arrived at the same time I had a question.
(8/30/19) Great job! Please keep these messages going!!
(8/30/19) I was so encouraged and thankful for this service!
(8/29/19) It was pleasant and inspiring for me to achieve my daily workouts toward the goal of getting fully recovered!
(8/25/19) These messages really helped me stay focused on healing and not over doing things!!
(8/23/19) The messages were informative and helpful. They brought to mind things i had not considered!
(8/15/19) I love the messages, it made me feel good like someone cared about my feelings
(8/11/19) I liked the encouragement texts. Sometimes I needed the smile. And the answers to things you may not have thought about or embarrassed to ask.
(8/10/19) They were very good; emotional support used to come from post-op PT. This helps supplant that.
(8/7/19) I have never worked with a text messaging program. It was like having a therapist on hand when needed. Being the first time I have nothing to compare it to!! I was impressed and all orthopedic surgeons should try this technique!👍
(8/7/19) Excellent idea! It seemed like I had someone with me as I was going through my recovery!
(8/1/19) The messages were very motivating. They made me feel part of a community with common goals.
(7/28/19) The messages were great - I looked forward to them every day!
(7/25/19) STREAMD, Keep providing text messages for your patients!
(7/23/19) The messages were well timed with helpful information. The texts were also very encouraging.
(7/22/19) Keep providing text messages for your patients, these are awesome!
(7/21/19) I appreciated the messages as reminders.... and the videos were interesting.... and helpful!
(7/15/19) I appreciate them, I always felt connected to the doctor’s office!
(7/7/19) iI feel that My Surgeon has done a PHENOMENAL JOB with the STREAMD text messages I couldn’t ask for more.
(7/7/19) I think everything is great, and I enjoy sharing the text messaging with my friends and family. The messages are great reminders. The best thing ever!!
(7/4/19) The messages were so helpful and timely! So often just what I was experiencing or feeling would have a video come to help me and let me know I was ok and my feelings normal. Thank you so much. It made me feel very connected to the surgeon!
(7/3/19) It worked well and I am very thankful for the messages. I especially found the videos helpful. I still have all the messages on my phone and they will remain there for several months so I look back as needed.
(6/25/19) I thought STREAMD was an incredible service
(6/15/19) I really appreciated the contact and felt supported!
(6/11/19) STREAMD was a wonderful addition to my recovery and one I greatly appreciated.
(6/8/19) It was like having someone from the office there with me!
(6/7/19) I am glad I signed up! They were very helpful in easing my mind, telling me what I should be doing and answering questions.
(6/6/19) The messages helped to keep me motivated and to take it one step at a time as it takes time to heal.
(5/30/19) The support was nice to get. Lots of encouragement and good information. Helped to keep me motivated.
(5/21/19) Great text messages, very much appreciated!
(5/18/19) These messages were very helpful, they relieved a lot of anxiety!
(5/17/19) Very happy I got this service!!
(5/15/19) The STREAMD text messages were extremely helpful and kept me motivated to continue working the knee.
(5/11/19) I found STREAMD has been invaluable motivation and encouragement to keep moving and doing all I need to recovery properly and have the best outcome from the very aggressive knee replacement surgery. Emails are sent in such strategic order of the recovery process. Right when I begin to be concerned about being bruised and sore I receive an email saying bruising and soreness is common and just keep icing. Streamd is the perfect tool to coach patients along the recovery path. I found this tool invaluable.
(5/8/19) The STREAMD messages were very encouraging and helpful!
(5/1/19) I think it’s a great system and made me feel more comfortable about getting through the whole ordeal and I appreciated the encouragement and reminders.
(4/28/19) These messages were incredibly supportive and made me feel like the whole team really cared about my outcome. It made me feel like what I was going through was completely normal. Loved the text messages.
(4/28/19) They encouraged me and let me knew I was doing everything I was supposed to!
(4/13/19) Felt like the messages helped me feel like I was on track with my recovery!
(4/1/19) Excellent benefit very timely and videos helpful to see form used.
(3/30/19) It was right on with my rehab. It was supportive and motivating!
(3/26/19) Keep up the STREAMD, it’s very helpful!
(3/20/19) Great feature looked forward to texts everyday during recovery, glad that my surgeon felt this was a necessary part of his practice
(3/16/19) I absolutely loved the engagement from these text messages. Sometimes I felt like I just couldn’t do anything and a message would come up showing an exercise so I would try it out or remember I haven’t done my own exercises and do them.
(3/14/19) The messages were very helpful and timely!
(3/12/19) Extremely helpful and informative. As a patient I felt a personal connection which was inspirational!
(3/10/19) Felt the STREAMD messages were helpful & made me feel like I was still being thought about.
(3/4/19) Keep it up. Very positive and powerful!
(2/28/19) The text messages have been very inspiring and encouraging! When frustration would set in, a text would arrive that would encourage me. I told my husband that I will truly miss the texts, for everyday I looked forward to them! Dr. and his team have made a very painful rehabilitation most bearable. I am very thankful!
(2/26/19) Great idea! Positive feedback! You started a Trend! Encore!!!!
(2/22/19) Text messages were clear and helpful especially the couple of weeks after surgery. I knew what to expect and it helped me get through some tough days.
(1/31/19) Great service . Keep using it. Encourage more doctors/hospitals to use it
(1/30/19) It was good to see a doctor’s practice so involved.
(1/30/2019) I can’t imagine adding a thing! No surgeon has ever offered that sort of support before; always got everything from my PT.
(1/28/19) This is the best idea ever to keep in contact with patients via txt and lead them thru the recovery process & physical therapy exercises.Always looked forward to getting my txt messages and they were always pertinent to where I was & what I was thinking in the post-surgery process.
(1/28/19) Great idea! Love the encouragement
(1/27/19) Motivating!!
(1/22/19) I appreciate how timely these messages and videos were. They have been in sync with my physical therapy. Even though I know the video messages are not created just for me, I still felt a personal connection to my surgeon!
(1/16/19) the STREAMD messages kept me motivated and know what to expect!
(1/15/19) First experience with this & I thought it was great!
(1/6/19) Well done! Motivational and uplifting. Timing of receipt of these message was uncanny at times. Videos were also helpful for PT.
(1/1/19) The text seemed to come in at the most appropriate times and were quite motivating!
(12/29/18) I was amazed as to how timely and on point the messages were. A great addition to rehab!
(12/28/18) I really liked and appreciated the daily support. These really helped my recovery!
(12/26/18) Very helpful and encouraging!! Especially when I needed a boost in weeks 2-3
(12/22/18) I really like that I was notified that I would have swelling in my extremity. That was very scary. I really feel icing helped it.
(12/20/18) They were a good source of information and encouraging. I really liked the videos of the various exercises!
(12/19/18) The STREAMD texts made the difference in my rehab success!
(12/14/18) I think this was a wonderful idea and helped me immensely I wish I can give on some advice that will improve it but I think it’s pretty efficient the way it is.
(12/12/18) U guys r exceptional when it comes treating the patient from your expertise as a surgeon to the videos I received for support while going through my therapy. the videos were a truly added bonus!
(12/11/18) The messages were very informative & helped keep my ultimate goals in sight & within reach!
(11/29/18) The messages are very encouraging and helpful.
(11/28/18) 3 words: Helpful, motivating, supportive
(11/28/18) STREAMD has added a defining element of the whole experience
(11/27/18) The text messages were extremely helpful and such a great idea!
(11/22/18) I really enjoyed texts and looked forward to them. They made me feel more assured about my recovery.
(11/13/18) These messages were so helpful! Kept me going when I was ready to give up
(11/13/18) I really appreciated the staff introduction videos and the start/stop medication reminders as well as the videos of exercises.
(11/11/18) The messages were very positive and supportive.
(11/10/18) Please continue to text message because they are very positive!
(11/3/18) I think the messages are generally very helpful. When you have a surgery like this, it is, as a matter of circumstance, isolating. And, if you read the literature and go into things with your eyes open, you inderstand that there can be complications. All in all, it is a frightening experience even with great doctors. So, it is nice to get messages or caution, affirmation and encouragement!
(10/23/18) I liked getting the messages made me feel on track with where I should be.
(10/23/18) I really enjoyed the messages. They were good positive reinforcement.
(10/22/18) Loved the messages. Reminded me to focus on PT even when your starting back to work. You are tired but the exercises are important.
(10/9/18) Great idea!!! Helpful with hip & knee replacement.👍
(10/7/18) - The text messages provided Helpful advice and encouragemen1
(10/7/18) - All texts were timely and appropriate! Thank you.
(9/25/18) These texts were excellent. I trusted the messages all the way through!
(9/15/18) Enjoyed reading the messages daily which helped me to push on!
(9/9/18) I was extremely happy with StreaMD! Loved getting the messages.
(9/8/18) The messages really kept me motivated on the days I was feeling down. I was very happy with STREAMD!
(9/5/18) I love the consistent positive reinforcement including refreshers on exercises we leaned in class. I felt the Dr was personally invested in my well being and availabile if I needed to contact him. It felt like my success was a team effort .
(9.4.18) These messages are great! Felt like a real personal touch.
(9/1/18) I live alone. Messages helped motivate me after the first two weeks when I had care companions. I enjoyed the reminders. Messages were very positive and encouraging. I cannot think of anything I would change!
(8/30/18) I enjoyed the messages and found them reassuring.
(8/25/18) Positive info! The messages felt relavant. Made me chuckle :)
(8/23/18) These messages helped me so much!
(8/21/18) I found the text messages to be very encouraging, reassuring and informative. A very welcome addition to the recovery process.
(8/20/18) The StreaMD messages were a great resource for remembering how to do the exercises!
(8/19/18) I found the StreaMD messages very encouraging, helpful and motivating. I looked forward to receiving them each day.
My P.T. Workers said other doctors are not doing this. I am so glad you are sending these texts. I feel I was fortunate to have a Surgeon who does this. Please continue this practice. I think your patients will be grateful for the texts. It makes us feel that you care. For many of us, this is the 1st joint replacement surgery we have undergone. we don’t know what to expect. I keep us “on target”! It is very helpful to receive these messages.
(8/8/18) Was very impressed with how timely and relatable content of messages was. Most times the messages were so on point i started to feel like you had a direct link and could hear or see me. No kidding almost always my patient and i would just talk aboutt something or just finished a new technique and the messages would come in within minutes. Even PT was surprised!!!
(8/5/18) I thought the daily texts were amazing. They helped me tremendously stay on task and be in control of my recovery. I was very impressed with the videos and the texts that included encouragement to get back to normal living!
(8/2/18) These StreaMD messages are so very positive and keeps you motivated!
(7/28/18) This series was excellent. Thank you!
(7/22/18) Everyone was very impressed with the videos when I showed my physical therapist!
(7/17/18) It was helpful to see the exercises rather than just receive a verbal description!
(7/14/18) The texts were timely based on my personal progress and motivating and kept me focused.
(7/13/18) I was very impressed with this service!
(7/9/18) I read them daily....it helped me manage my expectations and reduced some anxiety.
(6/30/18) Appreciated receiving reminders and input!
(6/25/18) Simply “Thank You”! Keep them coming.
(6/21/18) Sometimes I felt you could hear me talking and addressed the exact thing I had been discussing with someone! :)
(6/21/18) The StreaMD messages were very helpful and timely. Appreciated the motivational texts and liked the exercise videos!
(6/18/18) A good way to address many questions that may not get asked otherwise. Excerise recommendations very helpful!
(6/17/18) StreaMD is an excellent method to provide information and support.
(6/16/18) The encouragement in the message was greatly appreciated!
(6/16/18) Excellent help in the recovery process. Texts seemed to be right on target with my moods and abilities following surgery!
(6/13/18) I loved receiving the texts! They kept me on track.
(6/13/18) The StreaMD messages were informative and encouraging!
(6/9/18) A very good idea! Very much appreciated, especially during weeks 1-3, when the pain and discomfort were greatest.
(6/3/18) You were always there with me, pushing me on and so so positive! All surgeons and nurses should use StreaMD!
(6/2/18) Great support! I felt “normal” reading the texts.
(5/30/18) The text messages were very informative and helpful. They made the recovery process much easier. I looked forward to reading them every day.
(5/26/18) Excellent service. StreaMD is very informative and gives patient a positive message.
(5/23/18) The messages were so very helpful. It answered alot of questions I was having at the time of the texts!
(5/22/18) The StreaMD messages were very helpful , answered questions I had , encouraged me to work hard for a speedy recovery and stay positive.
(5/22/18) Very positive messages helped when things were slow or a little down.
(5/18/18) I had both of my knees replaced ten years ago by Dr. * —-before this text service was available. Wish I had it then! Even though I knew it was cyberspace, I felt empathy and guidance with this latest, hip replacement. No pun intended but...very cutting edge. I loved it!
(5/17/18) I enjoyed the daily pick me up and the additional exercises!
(5/12/18) Love these messages!
(5/1/18) Very helpful during the pre and post surgery. The thoughtful reminders are spot on and help to reinforce needed information and or goals.
(4/30/18) Great info! Very helpful and timely!
(4/29/18) I am the daughter of the patient undergoing hip replacement. The text program was a very helpful way to know what my mother was going through. It helped me know how better to support her recovery. A++
(4/24/18) The StreaMD messages help keep you motivated!
(4/21/18) - I was very happy with the text messages and exercise videos!!
(4/11/18) The messages were absolutely wonderful!
(4/10/18) The StreaMD messages alleviated the need for me to call the office many times. Really appreciated the connection to the office—it made me feel like they cared about me and my recovery.
(4/5/18) I liked the exercises and was able to share them with my therapist. Good to be sure we were all on the same page. Feeling like I was in touch with the office encouraged me to call when I had questions!
(4/5/18) I looked forward to the StreaMD messages and the information I would glean from them.
(4/4/18) Excellent. I felt connected to my health care providers and sent into my world with follow up support. Not needing to call with questions which I suspected were routine, but important to me when I needed reassuring.
(3/24/18) I really did enjoy getting these messages, very good program!
(3/22/18) The StreaMD messages kept me motivated to keep moving and doing my exercises everyday.
(3/21/18) I Love this service! Often answered the questions I was having.
(3/20/18) It is an excellent resource .... continue to use it!
(3/16/18) Very informative and pretty much answers questions I may have had.
(3/15/18) These are amazing, everyone should use this.
(3/10/18) Keep them coming!!! They’re all great as far as I’m concerned.
(3/7/18) Keep sending them to new patients! My therapist was very impressed, she had never seen anything like that before.
(3/6/18) StreaMD needs to continue these messages because they are very informative. My therapist was very impressed!
(3/6/18) I thought the StreaMD messages were always right on the money and looked forward to getting them!
(3/2/18) Great idea. This is a great investment!
(2/24/18) Keep offering this to patients. I looked forward to the texts every day!
(2/17/18) I read all the StreaMD texts and they were quite helpful!
(2/16/18) I thought they were extremely helpful and very well thought out. These should be done for any surgery!!
(2/9/18) Excellent. Especially the first few days after surgery. Good reminders later in recovery. Thank you!
(2/8/18) This was a very good idea especially useful for 1st time patients!
(2/5/18) This was a very helpful aid to recovery!
(2/4/18) StreaMD was incredibly helpful, I would change a thing. Great tool for recovery!
(2/2/18) The messages were terrific and I looked forward everyday to them!
(1/27/18) - Loved the messages! Even my physical therapists were impressed!
(1/20/18) Sometimes I thought you could read my mind when I would have a concern or question ... then all of a sudden I would get a text message with the question I was thinking about!
(1/17/18) StreaMD messages were incredibly helpful. Thank you dos much!
(1/9/18) Several times when i questioned something, i would receive an answer within hours. It was though you were reading my mind. Made my family laugh. Messages were definitely helpful and saved several calls to the office, made me comforable, improved my healing success... Thanks!
(1/8/18) Thought the messages were very helpful throughout the entire process!
(12/30/17) I felt like StreaMD knew my every move before I made them. Lol.
(12/26/17) I felt like StreaMD knew my every move before I made them. Lol!
(12/24/17) Very helpful, these are great messages!
(12/23/17) I find the short texts from my surgeon post surgery most helpful. They are informative, encouraging, and help keep me motivated and positive. I recommend signing up for them!
(12/20/17) Excellent and very encouraging! Great timing with the messages!
(12/8/17) Overall a positive experience that helped me navigate the unknown territory of what to expect with recovery. I looked forward to receiving the StreaMD messages & liked the upbeat aspect of the messages!
(12/4/17) This was a great service. It really was helpful and very motivating!
(12/1/17) The StreaMD messages were extremely welcoming. It was like someone was reading my mind!
(11/27/17) I always looked forward to the messages.
They were always in line with what I was being told by nurses or pts.
(11/20/17) Very on point with where I was in my recovery process. Good encouragement!
(11/14/17) These messages always seemed to come just at the right time!
(11/11/17) Found the messages excellent, enjoyed them and very helpful with my surgery. 80 years,l was very apprehensive about a total knee replacement. Today, it was the best decision I have made. I was walking around with a cane in 3 weeks and today perfect, 100%. Thanks again, You are the best!
(11/8/17) The StreaMD messages were encouraging and I looked forward to the new information.
(11/7/17) Thank you for the text messages. I looked forward to them everyday. They were very encouraging, helped remind me to keep on track and it’s nice to have daily interaction. Made me feel like I had a connection after surgery. I am very impressed with this technology.
(11/4/17) The text messages are a source of helpful and timely information, reminders, advice and personal encouragement- a welcome addition to a sometimes impersonal (or just extremely busy) medical system. Texts are easy to access and are always available as a reference. Nice that they are ‘sent’ and approved by the surgeon- a personal touch
(10/27/17) StreaMD videos made exercises much easier to navigate, very helpful!
(10/24/17) I really enjoyed the messages! It was motivating.
(10/18/17) The StreaMD messages made me feel like they were in the room with me. Sometimes i would be doing a particular thing and the message was about exactly that thing! Hilarious.
(10/14/17) When searching for the right surgeon to do my TKR, I asked the advice of several Physical Therapists, and the consensus was Dr* was their preference. In addition to his obvious skill, they noted his excellent response times when they had patient concerns, and the texting program as above and beyond the norm. I totally agree! On days when I was feeling down and out of touch with the rest of the world, getting a text or two made me feel like I wasn’t alone and had a support team to back me up!
(10/10/17) I have found the StreaMD text messages and their content to be very helpful and I am so appreciative of receiving them. The messages helped me to understand what was happening after the surgery and what I could do to help my recovery. Sometimes when I would feel a little down I would receive a message of encouragement that would strengthen my resolve to be positive and continue pressing forward.
(10/9/17) The messages were so very helpful and let me know exactly where I should be as far as healing and therapy. They worked so good!!!!
(10/4/17) The is the perfect addition to post treatment!
(10/3/17) So helpful. I compared PT with exercises in texts-confirmed that I was on the right path. Also felt more connected with the surgeon!
(9/24/17) Please keep doing this, it is encouraging and I absolutely loved and needed it!
(9/22/17) Great Idea! StreaMD is very helpful and keeps me informed.
(9/15/17) Excellent resource! Supported my rehab and also great support/answered questions related to healing, symptoms, what to expect, etc.
(9/15/17) Thank you! It always seemed that StreaMD answered the question at the right time
(9/15/17) Great idea! I’m happy we decided to have them sent to us. They were very timely overall.
(9/11/17) -Excellent and so timely that I thought there was camera in my house tracking my progress.
(9/10/17) Very helpful. Definitely increases sense of confidence and connection. Many thanks!
(9/8/17) I think the StreaMD messages were very helpful with imformation and keeping me on track with my recovery.
(9/2/17) Wonderful idea. The messages were extremely helpful and made me feel like the doctor cared!
(8/31/17) I found the StreaMD messages to be extremely informative and they definitely helped me enormously during my recovery!!! Thank you!
(8/30/17) Excellent and the timing was spot on.
(8/20/17) All Perfect. Hopefully more doctors will do the same!
(8/18/17) Thank you for reminding me to stay on task!
(8/17/17) I love them! Very informative and very much needed for great direction. Thank you for an amazing experience!
(8/13/17) Just wish they would keep going!
(8/13/17) It was nice to know that the doctor cared enough to keep in touch with his patients!
(8/9/17) Great benefit! Very helpful and encouraging. I felt less isolated, especially during the first few weeks. Found myself looking forward to the StreaMD texts and they helped me monitor my progress.
(8/9/17) It is motivating and encouraging to know that you are continually being supported in you recovery!
(8/1/17) I loved the StreaMD text messages. Thank you so much for all the support!
(7/30/17) Don’t stop the messages! These have been very helpful. It’s perfect!
(7/29/17) It was fun “hearing” from my doctor on a regular basis through the StreaMD messages. Additionally, I appreciated the exercise suggestions and videos. They helped!
(7/27/17) Loved the StreaMD messages! Thank you.
(7/27/17) Please keep up the good work! We need more doctors like you who offer StreaMD. People who truly care.
(7/26/17) I found the StreaMD messages very inspirational and felt daily like someone was really understanding what I was going through. They were very well timed and pertinent when received. I told the doctor how much I enjoyed them!
(7/22/17) The StreaMD messages are so inspiring! Every time I read them, I realized it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank You so much!
(7/16/17) The StreaMD messages motivated me throughout my recovery. Thank you!
(7/5/17) It was nice having the StreaMD text messages. They were great influence on my recovery!
(6/26/17) The StreaMD messages were very helpful. It was like having a second person around cheerleading!
(6/26/17) Very helpful!
(6/22/17) Thank you for setting me up with StreaMD. I feel I was very successful in my rehab and I am still continuing to get more range of motion and strength.
(6/20/17) Great concept!
(6/20/17 The StreaMD messages were very helpful and informative!
(6/19/17) The StreaMD messages have been uplifting and fun to look for each day. I have found them to be very beneficial, and encouraging.
(6/19/17) I love the text messages! They helped me feel normal and informed.
(6/19/17) The text messages I receive from Dr.’s staff are quite helpful as well as inspiring. Thanks again for the wonderful and informative text messages!
(6/13/17) StreaMD is a great way to stay connected to patients. It projects a feeling to us that our surgeon is concerned about our healing process, both physically and mentally.
6/12/17 I loved StreaMD. The timing of the messages was spot on. They came through with words of encouragement at exactly the right times.
6/9/17 The StreaMD texts everyday on my phone help me a lot. It motivated me do my exercises. Thank you, job well done. 5 stars!
(6/7/17) Absolutely loved the program! I enjoyed the StreaMD text messages! It helped me with questions and kept my attitude positive while recovering!!
(6/6/17) The StreaMD messages were on point and correlated well with my recovery progress.
(6/6/17) I enjoyed StreaMD and appreciated the encouragement!
(6/2/17) Thank you for the StreaMD text messages, excellent idea & very informative!
(5/23/17) The StreaMD messages were very helpful.
(5/20/17) I love these messages thank you!
(5/16/17) It was nice to get positive feedback and encouragement.
(5/14/17) I found the StreaMD messages informative, encouraging and helpful. I looked forward to receiving them.
(5/10/17) I found the StreaMD texts to be highly useful and even forwarded them on to a friend who underwent the same procedure after me (whose surgeon did NOT offer this benefit), and she found them to be very useful and reassuring as well.
(5/7/17) The StreaMD messages really made me feel more connected to my doctor, like he was checking in on me daily (which I really appreciated, and it made me feel cared for and comforted). I found the encouragement so helpful when I was feeling vulnerable.

The educational texts were great reminders at just the right time, and in some cases let me know what I could progress to (e.g., like when it was safe to try sleeping on my side!!, or when I could safely stop taking aspirin). The physical therapy videos were great additions to what I was doing in my outpatient PT program and gave me more to practice. I found all the encouragement to work hard on the physical therapy exercises very inspiring, as it helped me to feel very positive about all the progress I was making because of my efforts. I also felt that through (the almost) daily texts, he cheered me on and stood behind me all the way.

I found myself sharing some of the StreaMD texts with my family or Physical Therapist,, which led them to frequently ask, “What did Dr. say today?” In this way he also connected with my family and outpatient treatment team. My outpatient physical therapy team talked about how they plan to talk to their docs about putting the texting program in there practice because they thought it was such a good idea!!

I am very grateful for the time, thought and effort the creators put into the texting program and would highly recommend it to all!!
(5/3/17) Loved the support from StreaMD, felt like someone cared about my recovery.
(5/2/17) StreaMD is a great tool for people pre- and post surgery. Very informative.
(4/29/17) StreaMD was very helpful!
(4/25/17) Nice feature!
(4/23/17) Good idea. Answered questions I would have had.
(4/19/17) Everything was great! Keep it up.
(4/19/17) The StreaMD messages & videos were very helpful. It felt like I had a connection to my doctor’s office.
(4/19/17) Thanks for the StreaMD texts. They are very helpful and help keep my stress level down. They’re also an easy reference if I have to look back for a piece of information. Keep them up!
(4/11/17) Thanks so much for all the encouragement. It really makes a difference in maintaining a good recovery. 👍
(4/11/17) I really found StreaMD helpful. This is my second replacement and it was still beneficial.
(4/9/17) The StreaMD messages have been very helpful I have looked forward to the communication daily. Thank you so much! I appreciate all of them and the encouraging words that were given and the support. Thank you!
(4/5/16) StreaMD was very informative and helpful.
(4/1/17) Thank you for the StreaMD texts - I have looked forward to receiving them each day. The messages give me a sense of comfort and a feeling of connection with my surgeon and care team which I am grateful for.
(3/29/17) The StreaMD messages are a great tool and I really enjoyed receiving them. I think it’s a great piece to add to the recovery process.
(3/28/17) Keep them up, I enjoyed the positive messages!
(3/24/17) The StreaMD messages occurred when I needed answers so I wasn’t second guessing if I should or should not call office. Very helpful and motivating to get through the tougher early weeks. Did not want to talk to other patients as every patient is different so these were perfect for me. Loved the videos. They were a little different from the study videos but loved the length of videos and felt they were legitimate compared to YouTube options. Keep up the good work. On the right track.
(3/21/17) Thanks for all the encouragement!!! You guys rock!!!
(3/18/17) I loved StreaMD texts - they included timely practical and inspirational messages. I can’t tell you how often they were spot on, and so reassured me. (I especially loved the one early on about emotions being affected, which had just happened to me, which I found confusing. I followed the exercise protocol and appreciated the videos. I like that, at times, you included links for more info (e.g., pain management). Overall, I’ve appreciated these texts!
(3/18/17) I looked forward to receiving the StreaMD messages each day.
(3/17/17) I was totally pleased with StreaMD text messaging program and would not change a thing. The text messaging program gave me support and encouragement each day. I appreciated each text and followed through with my daily therapy. Thank you for incorporating this program in the rehabilitation schedule.
(3/14/17) I loved being part of StreaMD. The texts answered my questions, picked me up when I was down and encouraged me to work hard every day. As a result, my recovery has been smooth and speedy! I am surprisingly excited to have my other hip replaced!
(3/14/17) Messages were really helpful and perfectly timed to my recovery, like “swelling is normal”. Its a great idea and i’ve told many about them.
(3/12/17) StreaMD was really helpful during my recovery process.
(3/7/17) Great addition to therapy rehab process!
(3/4/17) I liked reassurances presented by the StreaMD texts. Some days were better than others and the texts helped carry me through the “not so good” days. All in all, I had a very good experience and the texts were a contributing factor.
(2/27/17) Really liked videos.
(2/24/17) I enjoyed getting the useful and encouraging texts from StreaMD.
(2/17/17) I’ve already told my Dr. how great StreaMD is. I’ve also praised it to my therapist.
(2/14/17) StreaMD is a great feature.
(2/11/17) I believe StreaMD gave me more encouragement to keep up the job I was doing. I feel the more people behind you in your recovery the harder you will work to get yourself back to normal. I really liked the text messages. I feel they encouraged me to keep up with the therapy even when I thought I would never be able to accomplish the exercises. I believe StreaMD helped tremendously in my recovery I still have a way to go but I know I’ll do it.
(2/9/17) Great resource, kept me on track!
(2/8/17) All good!
(2/6/17) StreaMD is an excellent teaching tool!
(2/4/17) Thank you!
(1/25/17) Found StreaMD helpful in order to stay on task. It aided in making the recovery easier. Plus the family members had fun reminding me to do what I was supposed to stay on track with my exercises.
(1/22/17) Everything was great!
(1/20/17) Enjoyed the StreaMD messaging service.
(1/18/17) Great idea!
(1/18/17) I thought it was great! Everything was very positive.
(1/8/17) Thank you, StreaMD helped with uncertainty about therapy techniques and what is ordinarily expected.
(12/31/16) Thanks for the StreaMD text message program. It was a good source of information.
(12/28/16) Loved it. I always felt connected to my Dr. Thank you for this wonderful service.
(12/11/16) Loved the StreaMD daily texts. Helped me keep motivated!
(12/1/16) StreaMD eliminates doubt and confusion.
(11/30/16) StreaMD was very helpful and made me feel more in touch with the Dr. and [provided me with] some answers before I could ask the questions.
(11/29/16) The positive reinforcement in StreaMD is extremely helpful in this recovery.
(11/18/16) I liked the exercise videos. Good product.
(11/16/16) StreaMD is good for us older patients.
(11/12/16) Very nice and timely.
(11/9/16) There were a couple of texts that answered my questions so I didn’t have to call. Good job.
(10/23/16) Valuable supplement to in person conversation. Substantive content. Thank you!
(10/19/16) The StreaMD text messages and accompanied links were spot on.
(10/17/16) Excellent job StreaMD. Feeling great.
(10/14/16) Thanks for the encouragement to keep going strong!
(10/12/16) It paralleled my recovery and topics were very timely.
(9/29/16) The positive tone and gentle reminders. And I didn’t feel alone in this recovery. And my family liked to hear what the texts were saying too.
(9/23/16) StreaMD was really helpful. Especially during a couple frustrating times when a positive message appeared. It was as if I was being watched lol! It was reassuring to know what I was experiencing with my recovery was typical and I was on schedule. Great idea!
(9/23/16) Loved the info.
(9/23/16) I used StreaMD as a reminder that doing physical therapy will lead to successful outcome.
(9/6/16) Loved the constant recommendations on exercises and progress towards recovery. Great use of technology.
(8/17/16) The messages were so informative, but I’d say the inspiration they gave me was the most beneficial. Just when I’d be a bit discouraged, came words of encouragement. The timing was always perfect. The exercises were also very helpful. Nothing to dislike with StreaMD.
(8/7/16) The daily exercises helped me keep on track. It seemed personal like I was talking to my doctor in person.
(7/23/16) I like it all! The encouragement and positive statements. The videos were great!
(8/11/16) StreaMD reinforced that I was where I should be in my recovery.
(7/12/16) Thought it was a great idea! Wouldn’t change it!
(7/9/16) I thought it was very helpful.
(6/26/16) It’s great the way it is. I liked everything. I looked forward to receiving them everyday. I viewed the videos and performed the exercises. If I forgot what to do, I always saved them and referred back to them. Thank you!
(6/21/16) StreaMD was pretty much in sync as I recovered.
(6/14/16) I liked everything.
(6/11/16) The StreaMD videos were helpful.  Liked everything. A real psychological boost for me because it knew somebody was interested in my Recovery.
(6/11/16) Enjoyed the encouragement. Looked forward to the StreaMD texts.
(6/7/16) The texts were great and had a positive influence on my recovery. I was sad to see them end. 😥 I liked everything about StreamMD. I am having my other knee replaced and hope to get the messages again.
(6/1/16) Very informative on a daily basis and encouraging and helpful and uplifting making you feel that you were thought about after the surgery.
(5/26/16) All positive, loved StreaMD text messages.
(4/30/16) Overall I can’t think of anything I would change or add. I think you covered it very well.
(4/25/16) The videos and information that was text on a daily basis was very good I appreciated and enjoyed the purpose of it all. No dislikes at all. Thank you!