StreaMD patients share their stories of inspiration

StreaMD understands patients take a leap of faith when signing up for surgery. We know that the recovery period not only presents physical challenges – but mental and emotional challenges as well.

For the past eight months, StreaMD has encouraged patients to share what inspires them to work hard during their recovery. The anonymous, inspirational messages will be used to motivate other patients recovering from surgery. We didn’t realize how much we would feel inspired by these stories.

Some look back and want to resume activities they once could do without pain. For others, it’s a focus on the future, with a determination to live healthier from this point forward.

One patient mentioned her goal to bike in all 50 states before her 70th birthday. Another is working hard to be able to sit on the floor with grandkids – without pain. From returning to the golf course to the workplace, every patient’s inspiration is unique.

While their motivations are different – there’s a common thread to pursue a better quality of life. “To experience life again,” as one man said.

At StreaMD, we’re both honored and humbled to be part of that journey.

You can read all of the inspirational stories here: Patient Inspiration

About StreaMD

StreaMD is the easiest way to increase patient engagement. Designed by doctors, it’s an automated text messaging service embraced by surgeons and patients alike. Messages are diagnosis- and treatment-specific, so patients receive the appropriate information at the most critical time points of their care, without additional work for the physician.