STREAMD Randomized Controlled Trial is Published!


STREAMD is pleased to announce that the results of our randomized, controlled clinical trial have been published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. The study evaluated the impact STREAMD had on patients recovering from total hip and knee replacement.

Joint replacement patients who enrolled in STREAMD and received automated SMS messages after surgery reported shorter dependence on narcotics, fewer emergency room visits, and more satisfaction. They also spent more time on home exercises and had a quicker return of knee motion.

"The statistically significant results detailed in this important study highlight what we can accomplish when we provide patients with the right information, at the right time, in the palm of their hands," said Dr. Kevin Campbell, CEO and Co-Founder of STREAMD.

The messages continued for six weeks after surgery. In an empathetic and encouraging tone, they reminded patients to do their daily exercises and informed them of what they should be focusing on during various points of recovery, including weaning off their narcotics.  

The messages were paired with video messages from their surgeon and contained motivational statements to help patients work through the challenging times of recovery and focus on their goals.

"As patient engagement continues to be a 'hot topic,' it's important that we rely on quality data to make decisions about how we communicate with and engage patients," Dr. Campbell said. "This is a great honor to have our study published in the most prestigious orthopedic journal, and we are excited to share these findings with the orthopedic community."

Click here to read the full study.